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A heavily enchanted fortress-city (small city size), this citadel is under the control of Proclus the Great, the third most powerful of the 500. He is able to protect himself and all of his subjects from almost all harm from the outside world inside of the walls of his bastion. However, in order to be able to live well in the city, one has to possess some sort of special skill or craft. The archmage divides the citizens in to three classes; mages, skilled workers, and unskilled workers. Each class is relegated to a different part of the city, with the mages getting the best parts, the skilled workers getting to live in the moderately good areas, and the unskilled workers getting to live in the walled-off ghettos. One's status in this society is determined by one's usefulness to the archmage who rules it; race and gender matter little. The only problem is that this merit-based system is based on one's usefulness to the ends of one man, not one's own benefit. Regardless, high pay in a variety of magically-adept skills (such as inscribing magic scrolls or constructing golems) is available, and a magic academy (whose expenses are paid for by the archmage, as he knows that a successful magical artisan is worth many times more to him than the costs of an education) exists for those who show interest and potential.


Population: 8,077

Land area: 41.2 km² (15.9 mi²)

Population Density: 196.04 people per square kilometer.

Language: Common is spoken by most people of all three classes, elven is a major second language among the middle and upper classes, and draconic is spoken only by the upper class.


Unlike the other Archmages, Proclus has no love for the system of serfdom. With such great power at his disposal, he could effectively forgo the system and still be respected (and feared.) Realizing that a more efficient system could be made by appealing to the self-interest of others, rather than using force, Proclus founded the Great Citadel, a place where one could work hard and earn money in exchange for protection. Among the many mages who came to his citadel was Celicyla, a sorceress who later became his wife.


The society of the citadel is three-tiered. The poor unskilled workers live in crowded conditions, the middle class have some room, but they complain that it is still too little, and the rich and highly skilled have half of the entire city.


The Citadel is a major exporter of magical manufactured goods, so much unlike the vast agricultural estates of the rest of Praemium Terra. Proclus employs inspectors who examine each good and check its quality, so that the reputation of the Citadel's goods remain unblemished. The inspectors also ensure that the sale of dangerous items is controlled and that nothing which could be used against the Citadel with great effect falls into the wrong hands.

The reputation of quality is very high, so much so that it isn't unheard of for extraplanar beings to occasionally visit the city, although such arrangements are handled by the higher-ranked mages in the city, or for very prestigious customers, Proclus himself.


The city is protected by just over a thousand golems known as sentinels. These constructs are given a variety of abilities; some can emit fire, others can emit cold, some are covered in blades, and some are simply very, very strong and fast. Made of stone and metal and armed with spiked clubs, these nearly mindless, seven foot tall guards are hardwired to be loyal to Proclus and no one else. Incorruptible, inexhaustible, and fearless, these troops have effectively stamped out any traces of crime in the city and render the settlement very difficult to capture. Control of the sentinels is not easy, and the more sentinels there are, the greater the odds that something will go wrong.

The Great Citadel is protected by magically-enhanced walls, as well as various wards, runes, and epic-level spells which keep the city, its inhabitants, and its secrets safe from intruders. The sentinels are able to operate various weapons (ballistas, mangonels, etc) on the walls, and some of them can even use ranged weapons (others simply use their ranged flame or cold attacks.) Prior to any major attack, Proclus and his mages are likely to summon various defenders as well (such as elementals), and will dismiss them after the threat is over.

As a last resort, a colossal adamantine statue in the center of the richest area of the citadel can become animated and attack the invaders, should the need arise.

Important Residents[edit]

Celicyla: The wife of Proclus the Great, Celicyla is a sorceress of some power, but she is not nearly powerful enough to be one of the 500, let alone be anywhere remotely as powerful as its third most powerful mage. The residents of the citadel are both proud and ashamed of her; proud that their lady is a mage, but ashamed of her extravagant excesses. It is said that Proclus can either rule the citadel or control his hedonistic wife; he cannot possibly do both.

Kedalivia: The most skilled bard in the Citadel, she deserves her place in the upper class section. Proclus saw her talent and recognized it, and promoted her from the poor section where her parents settled to the richest one in the city.

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