The Fey Tree (4e Deity)

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The Fey Tree[edit]

It is a fey, it is a tree! It's a fey tree!

Domains: Wilderness, Love
Warpriest Domain: Wilderness

The "worshipers" of the Fey Tree are always of Irrikone race. The divinity is really a mass of spirits of Irrikone that have become one with the tree. It sits in Asthamar, and every 100 years flowers it's emerald gems. These soon become the new generation of Irrikone. The Fey Tree is a sentient being o it's own, and all Irrikone are to return to it on their 637th birthday, the year in which the tree was planted by Melora. All of the Irrikone must follow these commandments:

  • Never kill anything of the Earth, unless it does indeed oppose you or the Fey Tree.
  • Always use the power granted by the Fey Tree, in a way that will overall help others with you.
  • Return to the Tree on your 637th birthday.

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