The Dwarven Capital of Krona Peak Lost (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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News for 18 Wir, Aryth[edit]

The Dwarven Capital of Krona Peak Lost!!

by Wrynn Huntar, Human on the Run ____________________________________________________________________

The City of Krona Peak Devestated by Demons and Devils from the Hells

KRONA PEAK -- The city of Krona Peak was lost earlier this week, when a faultine ruptured and hundreds of Demons of Devils surged forth and claimed the city as their own. Refuges of the attack have fled, many leaving the whole of the Mror Holds, others settling into the nearby city of Korunda's Gate.

How and why the Infernal Legions have claimed a spot on the material plane is still a mysterious and many Seer's have had troubles seeing into the future of any incursions and what the future of Krona Peak may hold for the outside world. So far the Legion has stayed within the boundries of the Capital, by for how much longer whom can say.

The Dwarven representatives of House Kundarak have claimed to have opened their vaults and are hiring mercenaries and refuges of the Last War to make a stand against the infestation that has claimed their Capital. Beings interested in taking up their offers of wealth beyond reason should look into their local House Kundarak Embassies.

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