The Dragons at War (anthology)

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The Dragons at War
The Dragons at War PB.jpg
Abbreviation: N/A
Series: Dragonlance Dragons
Author: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, ed.
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
Item Code: 083780000
Release Date: May 1996
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Page Count: 340
ISBN-10: 0-78690491-7
Price: $5.99
Product Blurb:
Dragons at War

Dragons, the true children of Krynn, are power incarnate, and they know it. They come in all guises and forms. Their personalities are a varied as their colors. Their magical abilities are virtually unlimited. And nothing is so terrifying as dragons on the wing.

In this collection, a follow-up to the popular The Dragons of Krynn anthology, the Dragonlance saga's best-known authors serve up a fantastical array of dragon tales featuring the motley races of Krynn and the deadliest creatures of the Dragonlance saga.

Here are exciting new stories in the series that has enthralled over 12 million readers worldwide, written by wonderful authors and edited by Dragonlance creators Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.


  • "Dream of the Namer" by Michael Williams
  • "People of the Dragon" by Mark Anthony
  • "Quarry" by Adam Lesh
  • "Glory Descending" by Chris Pierson
  • "A Lull in the Battle" by Linda P. Baker
  • "Proper Tribute" by Janet Pack
  • "Blind" by Kevin T. Stein
  • "Nature of the Beast" by Teri McLaren
  • "Even Dragon Blood" by J. Robert King
  • "Boom" by Jeff Grubb
  • "Storytellers" by Nick O'Donohoe
  • "The First Dragonarmy Engineer's Secret Weapon" by Don Perrin and Margaret Weis
  • "Through the Door at the Top of the Sky" by Roger E. Moore
  • "Aurua's Eggs" by Douglas Niles
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  1. Dragons of Autumn Twilight (1984)
  2. Dragons of Winter Night (1985)
  3. Dragons of Spring Dawning (1986)


  1. Dragons of Summer Flame (2002)

Young Reader Series

The first three Dragonlance Chronicles were split into two books each and published for the young reader market.
  1. A Rumor of Dragons
  2. Night of the Dragons
  3. The Nightmare Lands
  4. To the Gates of Palanthas
  5. Hope's Flame
  6. A Dawn of Dragons

War of Souls[edit]

  1. Dragons of a Fallen Sun (2000?)
  2. Dragons of a Lost Star (2001?)
  3. Dragons of a Vanished Moon (2002)

Dragonlance Legends[edit]

  1. Time of the Twins (2001)
  2. War of the Twins (2002)
  3. Test of the Twins (2003)

The Lost Chronicles[edit]

  1. Dragons of the Dwarven Depths
  2. Dragons of the Highlord Skies
  3. Dragons of the Hourglass Mage

Dragonlance Tales[edit]

  1. The Magic of Krynn (anthology) (1987)
  2. Kender, Gully Dwarves, and Gnomes (anthology) (1987)
  3. Love and War (anthology) (1987)
  4. The Reign of Istar (anthology) (1992)
  5. The Cataclysm (anthology) (1992)
  6. The War of the Lance (anthology) (1992)


  1. The Dragons of Krynn (1994)
  2. The Dragons at War (1996)
  3. The Dragons of Chaos (1998)

Tales of the Fifth Age[edit]

  1. Relics and Omens: Tales of the Fifth Age (1998)
  2. Heroes and Fools: Tales of the Fifth Age (1999)
  3. Rebels and Tyrants: Tales of the Fifth Age (2000)


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