The Draconic Prophecies (Eberron Nights Supplement)

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The 4 Visions of Prophecy[edit]

  • Revealed to Macon d'Cannith
Deep in a forest lies an enclave, built into a large tree, 
deep within its roots lay a cellar filled with huge Warforged 
a type which has never been seen by the people of Eberron, 
behind them a Dragon lay sleeping.
  • Revealed to Sharisa d'Orien
Elements surge forth and battle deep within the world, 
those of Flame, Earth, and Lightning strike at one another in harmony.  
They seem at peace but are drawn towards conflict, in the mass of 
it all lays a sleeping woman, with a quiet smile on her lips.
  • Revealed to Dom "Locke"
Your parents battle a great demon for possession of a large engraved tome, 
a tome that is bound with the symbol of Vol, dark energy seems to fill its pages, 
and as they fight your mother turns to you and mouths the word DEATH.
  • Revealed to Fenrys
The true beast uncoils within the Shifters and the Lycanthrope's are reborn, 
a plague the likes the world has never seen before, 
they raze the world and rebuild in their own image, 
a kingdom on animals doomed to battle each other for dominance.

From the Sphinx at Morgrave University[edit]

  • Revealed to Tak Menson
Sunder, Sunder, Bright then Thunder
Earstwhile Fate, becomes filled with thy Hate
When the world once lost, the soul will be cost
Unseen Enemies gather at the Bridge
Chaotic Heroes line the Ridge
Sunder, Sunder, Bright then Thunder


Deep within Earthen Core.
An Emerald like Fire given to roar.
Above the Wind, Howl and Soar.
Eternal Water seeks to make more.

The Keystone[edit]

The field of metal warriors strode across the battlefields, carnage and wreckage was left in their wake. 
Their Dragonqueen smiled down at them.
Across the bloodied battlements of a lost castle a mass of fur and claws devoured all in its path.
The elements broke loose and then the five joined to become the one, the destined child of the last scion of the unknown.
The machine city rose in the North, and it was countered by the walls of the crystal palace.
The Thirteen were countered by the last of the Twelve and the Keystone.
The last ancient giant rose and began the long journey that lay ahead of him, the endpoint…absolution.
Two warriors stood apart from one another, the field that lay before them littered with their allies, 
this was the final battle, the last great fight for eternity, the light and the dark.
She looked down, her skin rotted and pitted, she opened the tome before her and smiled wide, 
flecks of decay falling away from her. 
She reached over and picked at the flecks of yellow gemstone in the vial next to the tome, 
soon all of Reality would be hers.
Swirling in the darkness beyond reality and time and space watched the demon lord, 
his chosen wrecking havoc across the whole of Khorvaire. 
He stared in amusment as her chosen countered his influence, a losing battle.
At the center is the man with the darkk hair and glasses, a sad look on his face, a look of betrayal and one of awe.

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