The Dakor Empire (To the Heavens Supplement)

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The Dakor Empire[edit]

the Dakor Empire is an alien empire spanning several star-systems. they were once distant cousins of the First, but gradually lost touch with their peaceful cousins. now, they rule several large planets, and their master race, the Dakor, has conquered other races.

History: the Dakor Empire started out as an offshoot of the First, a planet filled with those who were discontented with probing the secrets of science, the universe, and life. as the First declined into the T'Klithit, who ignored the star-systems of the Dakor, they began an ambitious expansion into Empire-hood. as the Dakor conquered more and more, they finally took steps to conquer their less-warlike cousins. however, in the T'Klithit they met a more fierce foe than the thought to. the T'Klithit used psychic powers to repel the Dakor that they could not hope to match. after retreating back into their own Empire, the Dakor learned more of psychic abilities. however, they never tested the T'Klithit again...

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