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The Continent[edit]

The Continent is the world of the Witcher, the Witcher II: Assassins of Kings, and the Witcher III: Wild Hunt, translated into D&D to my best ability. Feel free to make edits that change things into more standard D&D Terms. This is a WIP and will be heavily added to and edited and rebalanced, and tested in the coming months. Also, please note that the format itself that I am using is heavily based off of Orizon, seeing as it is the only 5e setting rated 5/5.

Setting Info[edit]

Players Guide The Continent itself[edit]



Travel and mounts

Magic and Signs

Races of the Continent and Skellige

The Continent itself[edit]

The World and Locales






Dungeon Master's Guide[edit]


Artifacts of the World

Variant Rules

Adventures and Tables

Adding to the Continent

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