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The Cloak of Death[edit]

The Cloak of Death is a magical artifact that makes the wearer invisible to most alive people. Exceptions would be elves and dragons or the deathless races. It also allows the wearer to speak to and command ghosts. The weapon can only be attained from defeating Death in combat. When you don the Cloak of Death you become Death. There can only ever be two Death's at any given moment as there are only two Cloaks in existince. One is worn by Death himself and one by a Lich King named Crassuis. Attempts to steal the Cloak result in instant death of the theif. By being Death you become immortal or ageless. Death can command the undead to help him once per day, also once per day he can instantly kill anyone 1d3 creature. Also it can Reanimate Skeletons to fight for you or complete tasks such as clearing rubble. To do this it requires bones of some sort such as a skull or a fingerbone.

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