The Branded King (Eberron Character Sheet)

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Excerpt of Another Life

His hair was slick, almost as if it was wet, but wasn't. He grinned fiercely in the fading light. His smile poke of torments yet to come. He shifted his stance slightly, allowing more of the light to show his features.

His right arm and shoulder with dried leathers, it cracked as he moved his fingers in the physical component of an arcane spell. He mumbled the words of his final verse and pointed the arm at Fenrys, a bright flash enveloping it and surging forth to where his prone form lay.

Immediately he started burning, he writhed in pain and tried to scramble away from the source of the pain in a futile effort to regain freedom. Then he noticed the mans left flank, the skin pale, five plates stood out against it. One followed the curve of his muscled breast, followed by alternating rectangles and circles, the flesh around them raw and irritated.

"Fenrys my boy. In the past I dealt harshly with your kind. But today I am feeling gracious, today I decided that your being a shifter wasn't enough. From this day forward you will lust as your ancestors did, forever more trapped as a monster, so hideous that even the race you are abandoning will want nothing to do with you." He laughed at his little joke and turned away from him as the cursed transformation took hold of him.

"Who...who are you???" He croaked out, spittle flying.

"How silly of me, I forgot to introduce myself. You may call me..." he paused dramatically, "The Branded King." Then he was gone.

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