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Archangel Patron[edit]

Your power is the result of a divine contract between yourself and a minor Celestial. In return for a promise of godly favor after death, you are given a mission to complete while alive - often involving the destruction of evil. The Archangel in question will provide what aid it can to help you complete this mission.

Archangel Patron Expanded Spell List
Spell Level Spells
1st bless, divine favor.
2nd prayer of healing, branding smite.
3rd beacon of hope, spirit guardians.
4th banishment, guardian of faith.
5th destructive wave, planar binding
Holy warrior

At 1st level, you acquire the training necessary to effectively arm yourself for battle. You gain proficiency with medium armor, shields, and martial weapons.

Wracked with Divinity

Starting at 1st level, your patron can channel chaotic divine energy through your body. As a bonus action, you can touch a weapon to turn it into a magic weapon that deals an additional 1d10 radiant damage on its next hit. This effect last for one minute, and can be used a number of times equal to half your charisma modifier, rounded down. once you use up this feature, you can't use it again until you finish a short or long rest. In addition, you gain proficiency with Religion. If you are already proficient in religion, your proficiency bonus for it is doubled.

Radiant Soul

Starting at 6th level, your link to the Celestial allows you to serve as a conduit for radiant energy. You gain resistance to radiant damage, and when you cast a spell that deals radiant or fire damage, you add your Charisma modifier to one radiant or fire damage roll of that spell against one of its targets.

Radiant Soul

Starting at 10th level, you learn to better channel your patron's divine nature. Whenever you take radiant damage, the amount of damage you do not take due to this resistance becomes temporary hit points (after damage is taken.) For example, if an attack targeting you would deal 12 radiant damage, you take 6 due to your resistance, and after this damage is taken, you gain 6 temporary hit points.

Seraphic Form

At 14th level, four magical wings sprout from your back. You permanently gain a flying speed of 30 feet. Your weapon attacks count as magical weapon attacks and deal an additional 1d8 radiant damage. You also gain immunity to radiant damage.

Unique Invocations

Archangel's Eyes (requires Archangel Patron, level 7)

You gain truesight for 60 feet and can cast detect evil and good at will.

Divine Comprehension (requires Archangel Patron, level 14)

You know when you hear a lie.

Holy Healer (requires Archangel Patron)

You learn the cure wounds spell, and can cast it with a Warlock spell slot or 1 time per day without Warlock spell.

Purity (requires Archangel Patron)

You can cast the lesser restoration spell once with a Warlock spell slot. Once you do so, you can't do so again until you finish a long rest.

Righteous Prophet (requires Archangel Patron, Pact of the Tome)

You can spend 1 hour reading your Pact Tome. When you do, roll 1d20. You may replace the result of any d20 roll for the rest of the day with the result of that roll. This feature can be used again after finishing a short or long rest.

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