The Amber Lance of Healing (3.5e Equipment)

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The Amber Lance of Healing
Martial Two-Handed
Critical: 20x3
Range Increment:
Size Cost Damage Weight1 hp
Fine 1d2+1d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) *
Diminutive 1d3+1d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) *
Tiny 1d4+1d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) *
Small 2d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) 5lbs.
Medium 1d8+1d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) 10lbs. Indestructible (Artifact)
Large 3d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) 20lbs.
Huge 4d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) *
Gargantuan 1d8+4d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) *
Colossal 1d8+6d6+3 +2d6vs.Evil (all nonlethal) *
  1. The SRD only gives a means to determine costs and weights of weapons for Large and Small versions based on the Medium weapons. Any other supplied values are the author's best determination.

+3 Holy Merciful Heavy Lance

+03 to hit (Good-aligned/Magic/Piercing Damage) Reach Melee

This ivory lance was carved from the tusk of El'Hadruk, the 400 year old Celestial Elephant who died of natural causes. It was then soaked in the resin of Saint Kharundum the Oakhearted, Entish patron saint of healing. The Amber Lance was then enchanted over a dozen years to a fine instrument of healing, which it has remained to this day.

When wielded by a Paladin who casts Holy Sword on this weapon, that ability stacks with this blade. This means it becomes a +8 weapon that does +4d6 damage to Evil Foes, and radiates a Magic Circle vs. Evil.

3x/day, the wielder can cast Heal through this weapon as an 18th level caster.

When a non-evil ally within 100' has negative HP, they auto-stabilize and gain Fast Healing 1 until they are at 0 HP.

Strong Evocation [Good, Law], Caster Level 18, Craft Magic Arms & Armor, /Cure Light Wounds/, /Heal/, /Holy Aura/, /Holy Smite/, Creator must be Lawful Good; Price: 346,226gp; Weight: 10lbs.

(10gp Lance +300gp Masterwork +72,000gp for +06 Total Bonus +(194,400gp)*2 Command Word Heal +7200gp Continuous Cure Minor Wounds +108,000gp Non-Charged Spell Trigger Holy Sword) /(5/3 Spell Charges per day)

While this weapon can be created for this cost, I would not allow a player to create this weapon without first being Epic level. Also, I find the creating magic items cost tables very confusing, so let me know if I got any of that horribly wrong. It wouldn't be the first time.

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