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You were born without the ability to use magic, but that won't hold you back. Somehow in your journey through adventuring you developed an affinity for creating potions. Since your patron is a tinkerer at heart (an evil goblin, a chaotic gnome, etc.), they imparted upon you the ability to infuse magic into potions. Your skill and fondness for crafting the finest potions has only intensified as a result. In addition, they have also granted you the ability to infuse spells into your potions. At each level in the chart, your patron grants you one spell from each school of magic you choose (your DM should approve your choices though). Your schools may be chosen from either the wizard or cleric list. At each level, you may choose one bonus spell from whichever school you choose. If you choose a cleric domanin you are limited to choose one of the two bonus spells for that domain at each level. Those spells will not count against the number of spells known, and they can be cast without needing material components.

Alchemist Spell List[edit]

Level 1: one cantrip and one first level spell from each school

Level 3: one second level spell from each school

Level 5: one third level spell from each school

Level 7: one fourth level spell from each school

Level 9: one fifth level spell from each school

As an example, if you wanted to specialize in evocation (wizard) and life (cleric) you could choose burning hands and cure wounds at first level. If you wanted evocation and enchantment, you could choose burning hands and charm person at first level.

Crafty Hands

Starting at 1st level, You can spend an hour and 10 gold, to infuse any liquid with the property of any spell you know. Each day you can craft a number of potions equal to the number of spell slots available. Up to one potion can be crafted during a long or short rest. Roll a performance check with a DC 15. If the check passes you use up a spell slot and create a potion with its effect, if it fails the bottle is consumed as well as the liquid. Bottles can be thrown 20 feet with a ranged weapon attack. You are proficient with them. Drinking one of these potions takes an action.

Specialized Crafter

Also at 1st level, you gain proficiency in the Performance Skill. This check applies only to crafting potions.

Master Crafter

Starting at 6th level drinking a potion only takes a bonus action, however you can only drink one per turn. Additionally, upon gaining this level, you gain proficiency with either an herbalist kit or poisoners kit. When you craft a potion using your chosen kit, you can add either your medicine or nature proficiency to your roll to craft it.

Snake's Resilience

At 10th level, you gain resistance to poison and advantage on saves against being poisoned. The DC for all saves is your spell save DC. IF successful, you take no damage. On a fail you take 1/2 damage. Also, when crafting a potion, if you roll a natural 20 on your performance check, your potion becomes energized. This means it will function at a spell level one higher than normal. You can only craft one energized potion per day.

Expert Crafter

Beginning at level 14, your Charisma is increased by 2, to a maximum of 22. Your proficiency bonus in the performance skill is doubled. In addition, you can add your Dexterity and Charisma modifiers to all Performance checks when crafting potions.

Pact Boons

Pact of the Chain: If you choose this pact, in addition to being able to cast a familiar as a ritual, as an attack action, you can magically teleport one potion into the possession of your familiar. Doing so requires a bonus action. This can only be done up to a number of times per long rest equal to your charisma modifier. Your familiar may use an attack action to throw the potion.

Pact of the Blade: If you choose this pact, you can choose flask / vial as your pact weapon, which can be thrown up to 30 feet away. All of your potions can be carried in this extradimensional space. When one is destroyed, another one you choose magically appears from your extradimensional space. If you use the attack action during your turn, you can throw one extra potion per round, until all your potions are used.

Pact of the Tome: You can craft spells from your tome into a potion as a ritual. You can do so up a number of times per long rest equal to your charisma modifier. The ritual takes ten minutes and requires no material components. As you advance in level, you can change the spell to another spell from your tome.

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