Temporal Bubble (3.5e Epic Spell)

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Temporal Bubble
Spellcraft DC: 40
Components: V S F
Casting time: standard action
Range: Personal
Effect, or Area: The speed of time increases by a factor of 600 in a 10 ft. diameter.
Duration: 1hour/2 caster levels (apparent time) (D)
To Develop: 360,000 gp, 8 Days, 14400 XP. Seed: Time Stop (74). Factors: Duration increased by 4 steps (+48), change from personal to 20 ft. area (+17) Dismissible (+2) (141). Mitigating Factors: Remove the +1d4 of duration (ad hoc -1), Can not move from the area for the duration (ad hoc -5), Halve Duration (to 1hour/ 2caster levels) (-2), Quarter area (to 5ft. radius) (ad hoc -4), Expensive Focus (-89).

As you cast the spell, the hourglass that took made just for this rights itself, the gems within falling to mark the end of the first hour, and a dozen fires, marking the hours your pocket of time has left blazing to life. You feel time and space warp around you as reality bends, creating a temporary demiplane to suit your will.

Upon casting a demiplane is seamlessly overlain onto the plane you're standing on (from here on referred to as the "host plane"). Both planes have the same traits except for time; time flows 600 times faster (1 round = 1 hour) in the demiplane created by this spell. Movement between the demiplane and it's host plane is impossible: objects entering the demiplane are reduced to dust as the parts that are ahead of them move at the same speed through a space that is experiencing faster time; likewise things moving to the host plane from the demiplane are stopped by the the particles that are moving at the same speed through a slower time. This demiplane last for 1 hour/2 caster levels.

Focus: An Hourglass that has a bulb carved from diamond and a frame made of polished wood from Yggdrasil (or if that does not exist in your cosmology, then some other ridiculously exorbitant material). The frame should have two disks enclosing the ends of the bulb, and four spiral pillars. There should be runes in the caster's chosen language engraved along the spiral, inlaid with mother of pearl. The sand grains are either pearls or gemstones of the caster's choice. It must be worth no less than 445,000 gp.

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