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How to use the Planar Template[edit]

The General layout of a Plane using this template.

{{Planar Template

Definition of Traits[edit]

Trait Description Required Valid Parameters
name This is the name of the plane Yes any Proper Noun
gravity Gravity types: Objective Directional, Subjective Directional, None, Heavy, Normal, Light Yes obj, subj, no, heavy, normal, light
time Time types: Normal, Timeless, Flowing (different than normal, such as 1 year on this plane is 1 round in 'normal time'), Erratic (Flowing time, but the exchange rate changes randomly) Yes normal, timeless, flowing, erratic
flow This trait is only required if you select the flow for your time trait. This describes how fast time passes on this plane vs normal time (1 year = 1 round). Yes/No equation of planar time = normal time
size Size types: Infinite, Self (the plane wraps in upon itself, or a creature that reaches an edge is teleported to another edge), Finite Yes infinite, self, finite
shape A shape you want the plane to be such as: Cube, Sphere, Globe, flat, circle, square or similar Yes/No any string
morphic Morphic types: Alterable (normal world, items stay where they are put), Divinely (same as alterable, but a God can change the plane at will), Static (very difficult to move objects), Highly (Unstable & always changing on its own), Magically (only magic can mold the plane & move objects), Sentient (the plane changes of its own will) Yes alter, divine, static, highly, magic, sentient
morphicm This trait is only used when you select 'magic' for the morphic trait. Here you should describe what magic can alter the plane. Yes/No description of magic
align Align types: Neutral, Good, Evil, Law, Chaos Yes neutral, good, evil, law, chaos
alignstr The strength of the alignment: Mildly (minor penalties to opposed alignments, if a plane is mildly neutral that means all alignments are at home here), Strongly (All non-matching alignments take penalties) Yes mild, strong
element What kind of Element dominates the plane: Fire, Water, Electricity, Earth, Acid, Air, Positive Energy, Negative Energy; defaults to none No fire, water, elec, acid, air, earth, pos, neg
magic How magic functions on this plane: Dead (No magic works at all), Limited (Some magic Works, some doesn't), Normal (Magic functions normally), Wild (Magic functions erratically) Yes dead, normal, wild, limit
enhanced Sub-category to Magic, list rules for magic that is enhanced on this plane (ex: casting a fire spell on a fire plane may give +1 caster level or +1 DC or a die step increase in damage (d6 becomes d8)) No description of enhancement
impeded Sub-category to Magic, list rules for magic that is impeded on this plane (ex: trying to cast a fire spell on a water plane may not work unless the caster makes a spellcraft check.) No description of impediment
borders How this plane borders others: No Borders (this plane does not border any other), Shifting (firm borders, but they change randomly, Firm (Distinct edges to the borders, magic does not pass through), Soft (edges of the planes meld together, magic passes through) Yes no, shift, firm, soft
links Any links this plane may have with other planes: No (This plane has no links at all), Spell-Created (Spells can create links on this plane), Holes (holes open from the elemental planes creating points of access), Portals (Your generic doorways to the other side) No no, spell, holes, portals
natives List the creatures or types of creatures that are native to this plane Yes description of natives
desc More detailed description of what makes this plane unique from the rest. Yes general description

Test Example[edit]

The Material Plane[edit]

Physical Traits
Normal Gravity Gravity on this plane functions as normal, something that weighs 5 pounds on the material plane weighs 5 pounds on this plane. Use the normal rules for encumbrance, ability scores, carrying capacity, and skill checks.
Normal Time Time flows normally on this plane, for each round you spend on this plane, one round passes on the material plane.
Infinite Globe This plane is an infinite globe, its lands continue on forever, though the setting may only describe a finite number of places to go on this plane.
Alterably Morphic Like normal, objects on this plane do not move unless interacted with either by physical forces or magical. You can dig a hole, or build a wall and unless another force destroys it, it will still be there when you return.
Element, Alignment, and Magical Traits
No Elemental or Energy Trait This plane has no specific energy or element that dominates it.
Mildly Neutral-Aligned This plane has a balance, since no alignments are opposed to neutral, all creatures can exist comfortably on this plane.
Normal Magic Magic on this plane functions normally, it is not any harder to cast a certain spell, and spells don't run the risk of randomly changing into something unintended.
Impeded Magic spells that are impeded on this plane
Planar Links, Boundaries & Natives
No Borders This plane does not directly border any of the other planes, though there may be links, paths, or holes that can take you to other planes from this one.
Spell-Created Links Magic on this plane functions like normal. Spells, spell-like abilities, and other magical abilities that draw power from other planes or allow creatures to shift between them function properly.
Natives Home to most of the creatures and monsters in the DnD cosmos.
Other random stuff about the material plane.

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