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Templar Knight[edit]

Fighter Subclass

Indomitable and mysterious, these fighters use unorthodox methods to subdue the mundane and inhibit magic. Having endured harrowing physical training, and with the rudimentary understanding of martial and magical combat, these warriors have gained the ability to channel magic into their bodies, creating debilitating effects for their enemies.

Manifestation of Thy Will

Whether by special rituals, runic scaring, enchanted tattoos, or a naturally inverse flow of magic, Templar Knights are fighters who use magical energies from within to enhance their presence on the battlefield, manifesting their will as raw power.


As you gain levels in fighter, you will gain access to certain spells connected to your ability as seen on the Spellcasting table. Constitution is your ability score used for spells.

Spell save DC is equal to 8+ your Constitution modifier + proficiency bonus

Arcane Combat

After years of training, you have stored reserves of power within your body. These reserves can be spent to activate the unique ction, Magic Field.

'Starting at 3rd level when you choose this Martial Archetype you gain (5) AP(Arcane Points). You recover all points after a long rest. Your points increase as you gain levels in Fighter as seen in the Spellcasting Table.

Level AP Spells Uses per day
3rd 4 Detect Magic, Aid 4
5th 5 Dispel Magic, Beacon of Hope 3
7th 6 Counterspell, Magic Circle 3
10th 7 Banishment, Resilient Sphere 2
13th 8 Arcane Hand, Wall of Force 1
15th 9 Disintegrate, Forbiddance, Globe of Invulnerability 1

Magic Field

Starting at 3rd level when you choose this Martial Archetype you have a fundamental understanding of how to combined magic and willpower.

Once per combat, as a bonus action you may spend (1) AP point to create for one round of combat, a 10ft sphere around you. Those around you see this sphere as some form of energy expelling from your body in a shape of your choice.

Targets within, or who enter your Magic Field must make a Constitution or Charisma saving throw (their choice), or you impose disadvantage on physical attacks made by that creature for as long as they are within the sphere.

Each turn after activating Magic Field, you must spend (1)AP point to maintain it.

Magical Evasion

Starting at 7th level, while you maintain Magic Field, as a reaction you may add your Constitution Modifier to your AC when becoming the target of a spell that targets only you.

In addition, when making a Dexterity saving throw triggered by a spell, you take 0 damage on a successful save, and half damage on a failed save.

Inner Focus

Starting at 10th level, while you maintain Magic Field, you may add your Constitution Modifier to Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws triggered by spells.

Arcane Surge

Starting 15th level, you may substitute gaining an additional action when using Action Surge, to instead restore (2)AP point(s). This increases to (3) at level 18.

Anti-Magic Field

Starting at 18th level, when using your bonus action to activate Magic Field, you can choose to use (3)AB point(s) to do so. When activating Magic Field in this way, your will rescinds magic entirely.

Spells cast or activated within the sphere automatically fail. Spell cast from outside the sphere that would target an area or creature within the sphere are dispelled upon contact.

It costs (2)AB each round to maintain Magic Field in this way.

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