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This is a build to make a tanky melee striker cleric utilizing the SCAG cantrips. Lvl 1 be a hill dwarf nature cleric with stats (using point buy) as follow:

Str: 10 (8) Dex: 10 (8) Con: 14 (+2 for race) Int: 14 Wis: 15 (+1 for race) Cha: 10 (8)

Dump one of the 10/8's.

  • Since you get no penalty for heavy armor from being a dwarf you can get chain mail plus shield for 18 AC.
  • Take Shillelagh for your Druid Cantrip letting you use WIS for your melee attacks.
  • At level 2 dip one lvl in wizard to pick up green flame blade and booming blade, find familiar and shield. Find familiar is for casting cure wounds at range. Alternatively pick this up at level 4 with the magic initiate feat instead of multiclassing.

This build lets you focus solely on wisdom while still being able to get to 20 AC and do consistent melee damage. The cantrips work perfectly with divine strike letting you (at lvl 17) deal 1d8(4.5) + wisdom mod(5) magic Bludgeoning + 3d8(13.5) Fire or Thunder + 2d8(9) lightning, acid, fire, or cold damage for a total of 32 on average for a hit while being able to cast a bonus action spell of your choice and being able to cast shield.

And casting the cantrip as an opportunity attack from warcaster does some great things. So if you are like me and love being able to still do effective damage when you aren't healing, and don't like dying easily,this is the build for you.

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