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I would recommend moving Extra Attack to 5th level as that is the standard. Also, 5th level is a dead level.

Thank you, I appreciate your input. I have made the change, and added a bit more since it felt like something else was needed there after I moved the attack. --Zibby

All set. Now for a test run Zibby (talk) 03:51, 5 June 2018 (MDT)

With about enough (about 30) Fighter followers (which could be aquired in just a month, maybe longer if your Charisma or rolls are low) and a decent amount of hp, the Ritual Suicide feature could one-shot the Tarrasque on a succesful save, and the character and his followers would be back at full hit points after a long rest. I think that might be a bit overpowered. --Kormoran (talk) 22:36, 10 August 2018 (MDT)

Unfortunately, you top out at 3 followers. Partly to stop this from happening, and partly because Combat where one player controls 30 characters may be a bit boring for other players. Zibby (talk) 01:59, 11 August 2018 (MDT)

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