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  • You use the term "basic action" do you mean a bonus action?

--Tubal-Cain (talk) 23:39, 26 June 2015 (MDT)


  • can they have starting equipment a bit more interesting than gold coins? A character usually gets their spare coins via a background.
  • They can summon some martial weapons, with which they are not proficient.
  • Presumably they would need one or two free hands while they summon a weapon.
  • Is the Intelligence check made each time they summon a weapon? This means potentially they can be a couple of turns into a battle before they get their weapon, or, worse case scenario, the battle might be over before they summon their weapon. So the thing to do is to summon the weapon in advance and then never dismiss it, which is rather awkward. It's also not clear if they have to dismiss a weapon before they can summon a different one, or if the old weapon automatically vanishes when they summon a new weapon - this is an important distinction in the case of recovering a thrown weapon.
  • Yay, I level up to level 2, and my new feature is... I can dismiss my weapon without an action? That's not very exciting, particularly since I intend to never dismiss my weapon to avoid further Int checks.
  • At level 6 I get soul gems, but it doesn't explain how they are used.
  • Enchanting: Creatures don't have a "level". They have Hit Dice and CR, which do you mean? How do I enchant my weapon, is it an action or does it take time? If I enchant with a "level" 10 soul gem, my weapon has a +10 damage bonus? That's absurdly high, considering legendary magic weapons are +3.
  • Quick-Draw: If by "basic action" you mean "action" then no. You can give the character the ability to take some kinds of action as a bonus action instead (e.g. monk's Step of the Wind) or give them a multiattack (e.g. Extra Attack), but you shouldn't just give them an extra action.
  • Skilled Master: Advantage is supposed to represent a temporary or situational advantage. Please don't give them advantage on all attacks, that's very overpowered.
  • Swarm of Swords: What action does this use? How often can they use it? How long does the +5 AC last for? Do creatures in the 5 ft. radius get a saving throw or does this use an attack roll?
  • Energy Summoner: This is difficult to interpret. I don't know what action it uses. I summon a weapon and someone takes extra damage? Who and how? Do you mean the weapon deals extra damage on a hit? Is it force (pure energy) damage? If so how long does this damage bonus last for? If I'm taking a short rest after every battle, won't that hurt the flow of the campaign? (everyone has to wait 1 hour after every fight) What happens if I don't take the short rest? In what way does adrenaline give me "power during the battle"? How is the "energy released"? How do I store some in a soul gem?
  • I haven't looked at the archetypes yet. Marasmusine (talk) 01:39, 27 June 2015 (MDT)
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