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In terms of game balance, here's what I've spotted straight away:

  • Ability scores don't follow the format ("+2 to A, +2 to B" or "+2 to A, +2 to B or C")
  • Speed 7 should be the max cap on PC race speed. A race can be made to seem faster through other traits (wild step, for example). Although, these guys are metallic - why are they faster than elves?
  • Iron Fist - there's race design space and there's class design space, and this falls into the latter. This should be a racial feat so that it can be taken according to the player's class needs and to control type stacking.
  • Burst of Burning Ore - doesn't benefit from the Weapon or Implement keyword, so it's attack bonus will quickly fall behind the curve. Encounter powers never cause ongoing conditions. When balancing race vs. class encounter powers, you'll usually end up with something causing modest damage, but on a Minor Action to make it desirable to use.
  • Type category will be "Humanoid Type" rather than "Elemental Type"
  • Good work on the fluff! Marasmusine 21:23, 14 April 2012 (MDT)
Alloy skin discourages classes that use heavy armor, Perhaps a bonus to AC when you use Total defense or second wind? --Aitharious (talk) 12:01, 9 September 2016 (MDT)


Could do with some images that aren't copyright violations, or linking to somewhere that permits external image links like Flickr. (How about [1]?)

I see you've taken inspiration from Magic, The Gathering, but nice work fleshing out the race. Kudos!

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