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What's up with the weird name? No one wants to say "I'm going to play a mark of the outsider." There's a 0 mana power that lets you move at the "exceptional" speed of 10 feet, which could be handy if your movement speed was 5 feet, but otherwise useless. How are runes gained? Why not just use spell levels and spell points? If the equipment upgrades can be made by an ordinary blacksmith, why are they exclusive to this class?

The class seems geared too specifically towards the video game characters and should be expanded in theme. Perhaps "Arcane Vigilante?" Maybe have different archetypes for different otherworldly patrons. The idea when making a class off a video game should be to let you make that specific character, but also allow for other types of characters. In this case, let players make Corvo or Emily, but also whatever other supernatural vigilante they desire.--GamerAim (talk) 23:41, 18 May 2017 (UTC)

I have made significant changes, I do hope it is now more open to player customisation and play style.--Argus SunderFall (talk) 10:51, 27th May 2017 (GMT)
I've noticed! It looks much better (at least to someone who doesn't know 5e balance guidelines). I do have one question out of curiosity: when the level table says the number of runes you get ("7 runes", "8 runes"), are those cumulative? I assume they are, since totaling at 8 runes at level 20 would only let you buy and upgrade maybe a single power. Again, it looks much better :D--GamerAim (talk) 11:47, 27 May 2017 (UTC)

The runes are cumulative, you get the number of runes at each level, the maximum rune total is 30 if nothing is bought. --Argus SunderFall (talk) 12:27 28 May 2017 (GMT)
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