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Please test this monster. If you believe it to be to easy or too difficult, please inform me and I can make altercations to its base. Also, Please bear in mind its tactics are what make it a CR25 vs a higher level. Should you wish to make it more challenging, simply throw the tactics out the window. Please not though that in doing so, you will have released an extremely powerful creation (possibly a final boss) upon your party.

my only fear is the low HP, and the possibility of a wizard just standing outside of range and pelting it, unless i missed a SR line.. I love the concept and implementation though, but would note the Sword probably needs a descriptor, i *think* it is a large Greatsword, but am unsure, it is remarkably light for its size. Xalev (talk) 13:37, 20 June 2013 (MDT)

My god, proofread your post pages.

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