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does the benefit from the subrace stack with the normal human/ variant humman traits, or does it replace them?

Er... No... I'm not sure how that could even possibly work. You can only choose one race, so you can't use a variant race AND a human race on a single character. Neither the normal human or variant human in the PHB have the subrace trait either, so I'm not sure how you could take one of these subraces on top of the normal racial traits. Also, the idea of a variant race is that you use only one version of that race. Variations within a race are supposed to be represented via the subrace trait/mechanic. As a race variant, this is intended to replace the standard human race, as is the intention of the variant human in the PHB. The purpose of this race is to make both the standard and variant human mechanics functional in a single campaign setting via the subrace trait, by making a human race whose only trait IS the subrace trait. The race includes a vague justification for why there would be these two ethnic variants of humans, by indicating one subrace represents urbanized humans, while the other represents more wild, hunter-gatherer, nomadic types. This also allows the human race to use the humanoid subraces I made to facilitate universal racial hybridization and render the hybrid races obsolete. So, really, the main thing this race variant changes is the philosophy of game design toward racial traits. --Kydo (talk) 18:32, 27 July 2017 (MDT)
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