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Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this build, I have personally only tested it up to level 13.

Several decision points in this build that I disagree with. I would start my career as a Hexblade. I understand wanting to race to that 1st ASI, but you're going to fall behind on Charisma eventually unless you take your first 8 levels in Sorcerer. You also miss out on 3rd level spells for exactly as long as starting as a Hexblade, so if you're going to start Sorcerer, you should take at least 5 levels before switching. Third level spells is a real sea change in spellcaster power, and it's the hardest thing to give up starting as a Hexblade. Starting as a Sorcerer and then switching 1 level before you get access makes no sense. Starting as a Hexblade, however; means we can be in medium armor with a shield from level 1, and also gives us better saving throws (there are more spells that target Wisdom saves than Charisma saves). If you are already using the optional Lineage rules, and you're that worried about getting to 18 Cha ASAP, then I recommend Custom Lineage with +2 Cha, Resilient(Cha), and darkvision (or proficiency in Perception). Sure, you lose Faerie Fire from your Drow Lineage, but Darkness is covered by Shadow Sorcerer (and better for this build since you can see in Darkness cast with sorcery points but not from your racial ability). That gives you 18 starting Cha, and proficiency in Cha saves, in addition to Wis saves. You lose access to Elven Accuracy, but that's hard to take advantage of consistently at lower levels, and once you get 3+ rays from Eldritch Blast you'll barely miss it. I would probably just accept being behind an ASI and stick with Half Elf since you don't really solve your problems either way (you can get to Cha 20, but you're always behind a spell level taking a class dip, and you lose the racial bonus to Con and Dex which messes up your point buy), you just delay the inevitable starting in Sorcerer.

 You also take a few spells that I really don't like, namely Armor of Agathys, and Thorn Whip.  Armor of Agathys is less temp hp than False Life and you don't ever want to trigger the damage.  This is for gish builds that expect to take hits in melee, not spellslingers hiding on the backlines (and you absolutely should be a backline caster, since the vast majority of your levels come with d6 HD).  I recognize that Warlock doesn't offer that many great choices for the SorcBlade, but since this spell doesn't count against your 15, I recommend taking something more impactful, even if it is situational.  Protection from Good and Evil is situational, but strong, as is Charm Person.  You probably shouldn't be multiclassing if you're the only arcane caster in the party, but if you are somehow Comprehend Languages can be important since your party can't possibly cover them all.  Thorn Whip uses your Wisdom bonus to hit instead of your Charisma, and requires an ongoing area of effect to come close to just casting Eldritch Blast (which with your Invocations, can still push someone into the same AoE if placed behind them).  
  I understand wanting to take Both Spell Sniper and Warcaster, but you're probably better off taking something else, or just pumping those ASIs into your Con.  As a full spellcaster, use your spells that don't depend on an attack roll against creatures with 1/2 or 3/4 cover, by level 14 you've got 18 leveled spell slots, plus any cantrip you took that uses a saving throw (Mind Sliver is fantastic against most foes since it targets Int saves and penalizes their next saving throw, so you can Quicken Spell a save or suck like Hypnotic Pattern or Polymorph in the same turn).  Which combined with the SorcLock's silly 8 total cantrips obviates the need for Spell Sniper. You shouldn't be wading into melee to trigger opportunity attacks or waving around a sword, so you don't need 2/3 of what Warcaster brings to the table either.  The advantage on Concentration checks is nice, but not needed with proficiency in Con saves.  Proficiency is worth more on average than advantage, and skipping these feats frees up 2 ASIs to Con if that's what you want.  Spending 2 ASIs on Con will give you +2 to your Concentration checks, which is slightly less than the +3.something that advantage is worth on average, but comes with a nice pile of hit points for your squishy spellcaster too.  
  There are a few other things I disagreed with, but that's more a playstyle/personal preference thing (stealth over Face skills, no 8th level spells, some spell selections).  Oh, as a final note, it is really unclear in the post when you retrain spells.  The first 2 times I read it, I thought you were recommending taking Mage Armor and Sleep twice, instead of retraining them into higher level spells.  In fact, you never use the word, or mention the ability in your guide.  This is a pretty big oversight, and confusing for anyone not familiar enough with the class to figure it out on their own.
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