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This class looks great, but it’s definitely overpowered. It seems like a halfcaster rogue, with features from the way of shadow monk. Firstly, half casters shouldn’t get cantrips. Secondly, expertise should be second level. Third, the sneak attack dice are op. Since it’s half-caster, it should be less powerful than rogue’s, not more. I recommend using the rogue sneak dice chart, but with d4’s instead of d6’s. Fourth, the consumption ability is just... insane. Immune to almost every condition, AND you can no longer take damage? That’s just ridiculous. I’m guessing you meant to say that hit point maximum can’t be reduced, but with all the condition immunities it’s still overpowered. Limit it to just one or two condition immunities. Also, the sorcerer spell list is too broad for a half caster, and doesn’t fit the archetype. I recommend the warlock spell list instead. This is a really cool class with lots of potential. Hope you can fix it. --Cobaltfalcon (talk) 07:12, 26 December 2017 (MST)


hey bro take a look at this class again. Why should expertise be one level 2? Why not 4 skills? Suggestions are welcome.

It is most definitely overpowered.

Its a skill monkey/warlock/more ability progress/more early class feature progression issue. It also breaks Mearl's command. Ie it loses its own theme.

**Class Features**
4 Skills to start with and a rather exhaustive list to chose from - drop it to 2 or 3 skills and the list to only 4 or five total skills focusing either on a specific attribute, or a specific attribute
If you're going to super charge the class's features - drop the HP to d6
Number of class features - in general any level after you gain spell casting that you progress in level of spell casting is considered a class feature advancement, as are damage advancements, this class starts with 3, then adds 3 more, then Effectively 3 (2 + spell slot) and then 2 ant 5th, 9th, 10th, 13th and 17th. Rogues start with more than most, as do bards... this seems to be taking the "best of" approach which makes it better (eg. over powered) of the classes.
Expertise doesn't seem to fit, So I'd suggest dropping that at 1st, you need to list the Night Eyes progression at 11th level on the chart and adjust features for that advancement.
Shadow Strike, add the extra damage to the first attack that round only. Multiclassing with this for fighter/etc just for skills/expertise/additional damage (currently could be each strike),darkvision -... it'd be manditory for min/max'ers - gotta scale that down.
Arrow of Dusk - reduce the damage to d8, (2d8 etc) - the 2d4 just increases the base damage average, and its trasparently attempting to push into d10 without actually do that - just use d8. Critical hit being x3 is too much.
I presume - but its not stated, that the character gets their spell slots back on a short rest. They also learn spells at 1st leve, and cannot use them. Move them to 2nd, include the cantrip into the known spell list versus making some special entry. You should address that the hand must be free for spell casting to preserve action balance. Throwing in the the ability to eschew materials as part of the spellcasting.. is itself another class feature - moving that to 4 for that level. (really more than that because the class also learns 1 cantrip and 6 spells - pretty beefy. limit that to you list - reduce or move the listed spell progression outward eg.

2nd Level: Zephyr Strike, Hex

3rd Level: Alter Self, Pass without Trace

4th Level: Blink, Bestow Curse

5th Level: Sickening Radiance, Greater Invisibility

6th Level: Contagion, Enervation

**REMOVE THE TWO SPELL LEARNED PER LEVEL** - that is just out of scale for warlocks, you're moving that into wizard power - and even abusing that.

Rework dark velocity - just call it the normal name .

the wording of Umbral Visage is problematic, you gain expertise and them double the proficience bous - that would be +8 at 2nd level. Prof grants +2, Expertise doubles that (+4)

" gain expertise in the Stealth Skill *and your proficiency bonus* " which doubles it again.

Living Death - make the DC 10, its cool enough to not have to drop and waste a round. and include the wording for massive death alt ruling so that its at least being considered versus being overwritten.
Deadly whisper - effectively removing all components in spell casting for the class, including the arcane focus... no. make it stealth casting, ie a bonus action to cast secretly using stealth vs their passive (or active) perception.
Shadow Shift - you should have a limit on the number of times that can be used per short / long rest - I'd suggest Con Abilty modifier +2 (minimum 2) per short rest
10th level's ability advancement is out of step, drop that.

stopping at 10th - more reivew if its valued later.

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