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Average Damage Output of This Class Versus The Monk[edit]

So while this class is very unique, I am not completely sure that the damage output compares to the monk, so I will look at how the class compared to the monk.

Here's how the damage output of this class looks compared to the monk across all levels. This assumes that you start with a Dexterity of 16/17 for a +3 modifier, no feats, and no magic items, but otherwise optimized builds(maxing Dexterity first). The damage output denoted after the / means that is the class's damage output with Flurry of Blows or Shadow Fist.

Level Monk Shade
1st 13 (1d8+1d4+6) 12.5 (1d10+4+3)
2nd 13 (1d8+1d4+6)/18.5 (1d8+2d4+9) 12.5 (1d10+4+3)/19 (1d10+3d6+3)
5th 23.5 (1d8+2d6+12)/31 (1d8+3d6+16) 22 (2d10+6+8)/32.5 (2d10+3d8+8)
11th 28.5 (3d8+15)/38 (4d8+20) 29 (2d10+8+10)/37.5 (5d10+10)
17th 31.5 (3d10+15)/42 (4d10+20) 33 (2d10+12+10)/40.5 (2d10+3d12+10)

To note, the old version of the class dealt less damage than the monk at lower levels and far too much damage at higher levels so I reworked the class to scale much better. With the reworked class damage, the class is much more comparable to the monk at all levels.--Blobby383b (talk) 11:10, 1 July 2018 (MDT)

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