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A Few Things[edit]

Hope you don't mind if I bring up a few issues:

  • Ability Scores: you should really only boost 2 stats, and never more then +2.
  • Vision: You put "Dark", I assume you meant "Darkvision".
  • Skill Bonuses: Aside from slight formatting issue, again you don't really want to give higher then a +2 bonus.
  • Preparation/Dark Blood: I like both of these, I just think the wording is a bit awkward and needs to be a bit more delineating.
  • Insomnia: This one could be problematic, given the importance of the "Rest" mechanic in the game, you may want to change this to Trance (like the Elves have), and add in the immunity to Sleep effects.
  • Lifeless: Again I like this, but the wording is off, try this instead; "Your race is soulless. You have the undead keyword, so you are considered undead for the purpose of effects that relate to creature origin." Also if they have the undead keyword this may have some issues if they ever needed to be brought back to life. If a Shade character dies can it be resurrected, or when it's body is killed does it die forever?
  • Become Shadow: This should really be an Encounter power. It allows you to teleport and attack, too much for a power you could use every turn. Also the wording is very clumsy, it too should be delineated better.

Thanks for listening, so far I like the idea and I hope to see more. -- Sepsis 10:48, 24 September 2008 (MDT)

I have made these changes:

  • Darkspawn - doesn't make sense to give cover in dim light. Did the author mean concealment? Dim light already provides concealment. Clarified the conditions needed for insubstantial.
  • Long Shadows- changed "light blades" to "one-handed weapons with the offhand keyword"
  • No Shadows Without Light - Round-counting should be avoided in 4e. Changed this to something a bit simpler but still thematic - they can't use second wind whilst in direct sunlight. So, sunlight won't kill them, and they can still be healed by other means, but they'll find it harder to fight in the daytime.
  • Clinging Shadows - scrapped this since it's something that should be handled through class.
  • Shadow Strike - reworded so that it's clear this is to make a stealth check to hide, and is not limited to light blades. Races shouldn't force weapon types in this way.
  • Added shadow origin
  • Shadowwalk - A bit of a mess. It's a move action, but implies you can also attack (with automatic hits! no no) . If you're invisible to all creatures in burst 10, you may as well just be invisible. Changed it to simply say "You move your speed + 2. During this move you are invisible if you are adjacent to a creature."
  • The second encounter power I scrapped. Races shouldn't have two encounter powers, plus this one seemed to want to encompass all kind of different effects. Marasmusine 01:52, 28 March 2012 (MDT)
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