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What if you got rid of the second extra attack and moved around some of the abilities to space them out. Also adjusting "One with the Blade" to be more like Kinsei Monk's lv6 ability. Maybe make it a once per day ability like the kinsei. I wonder if it would balance out the class more appropriately. Also maybe consider making health a d8?

My Questionable Balance opinions[edit]

I don't know where in the class it says a "Wind rider" feature. Maybe make the second extra attack given at level 12. Maybe make the One with the Blade give half the dex mod to hit or damage. The Elemental Strike is like a rogue's sneak attack but with out the need of another person within melee range of the target. The Wrath of the dragon is pretty op, I think that the target should make a dex save of something, idk like 8+dex mod+ prof bonus. Also, it should recharge per long rest. I'm not sure what makes a saving throw proper and the resistances are only elemental. Why put ect. if the balance problems aren't obvious. Since you read this far, I'll address all the problems. Make the posture use a bonus action. You do not need a feature at every level ffs. I suppose per long rest wording is bad but it is still understandable.-- Maxon6664

Wind Rider feature is at 18th level feature. I would hold off on giving the class a second extra attack until the rest of the class's features are figured out(so you can see whether it is ok for the class to have a second extra attack). The One with the Blade feature should increase the damage die instead of giving you an additional one(1d4 to 1d6 to 1d8 to 1d10). Wrath of the dragon probably just needs to be replaced with something far less powerful. The DC for saving throws should be 8 + your proficiency bonus + an ability modifier, and too many permanent resistances, even elemental resistances is a problem, through a smaller problem compared to the classes other issues. The ect. part is the fact that a lot of other features need to be improved or tweaked in some way and that the listed balance problems aren't the only ones the class has, and if you have questions about certain other parts of the class feel free to ask. Making posture last 1 turn is a good solution(it already uses your bonus action?). Finally, you do need a feature or gain a spell slot level every level, though that isn't too much of issue as that is just adding one additional feature.--Blobby383b (talk) 11:07, 17 July 2018 (MDT)
Well, I stand corrected, I see it now, but it only gives +8 damage once if you move the full 40 feet, assuming a stock 30 feet plus the 10 feet. That would usually only happen once in the beginning of an encounter, unless the player moves in and out but then they would be suspect to oppurtunity attacks. I suppose it would be out of hand if someone was riding a horse and moved 130 feet, which I think should be addressed. I suppose with all of this extra dice damage it would be a good thing to hold off the second extra attack. It is a good idea to make one with the blade add a dice, maybe 1d(Dex/2) for some originality?--Maxon6664
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