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This feat seems broken.

Consider a Fighter X/Wizard 1. They can cast hold person with their standard action and then coup de grace with their move action. Image how you as a player would feel if this was used against your character.

Well now.[edit]

Yes, this feat is unbalanced, but not necesarily "broken". Consider this. Fighter X/ Wizard 1 may have Hold Person, but his caster level is 1, which puts a severe hamper on who and what he can use it on, not to mention that you average Fighter X would, and should, be wearing heavy armor, which adds the arcane failure chance to this strategy. Now, in a gestalt game, this feat is broken, or if somehow the DM allows the character to use his total HD for determining caster level. You have to take into account the fact that despite the ability to exploit rules easily, sometimes the rules fight back.


I think that this is a sub-optimal feat. In combat, you have two types of opponent: those that are dangerous and those that aren't. In most combats, the fighter/designated tank is always moving to injure the active bad thing, and ignores all downed bad things.

Consider this:

  • Extraplanar creatures disappear at 0 HP.
  • Constructs fall apart at 0 HP.
  • Undead are destroyed at 0 HP.
  • Summoned creatures disappear at 0 HP.
  • Most large gangs don't get mass healed by their evil masters.
  • Animals aren't known for having clerics
  • In fact, most creatures have no healing ability.

In general, I see few players wanting this. The optimal combat focus is on making dangerous creatures go down, then take the defenseless ones. That is the most important thing: stop incoming damage. So from my point of view, the payoff on this feat is too low for player characters to even bother with.

Now opponents, THEY are likely to get this. In that respect, this is a villainous feat. This is the type of feat that I expect the BBG to have, as he makes sure that characters DIE DIE DIE.

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