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I'm pretty much sure you want to avoid putting class features and ability score improvement on the same level. Also, this is somewhat optional, but the third and fourth Extra Attack is somewhat exclusive to fighters. For example, barbarians have Brutal Critical, and monks have ki features which grants something close to Extra Attack at a cost. I think it would be more interesting if the third and fourth Extra Attack could be replaced with something else. Furthermore, I suggest that Extra Action, Extra Bonus Action and Extra Reaction is a bit overpowered. fighter's Action Surge gives additional action and a bonus action, but only once (or twice if you hit 17th level) per short rests. A constant bonus that grants action, bonus action and reaction can be misused for minmaxers (if there are any left in 5th editions.) --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 20:04, 4 February 2017 (MST)

Well, some of those classes are doing this, and I guess ASI and Features can be together, it only depends on the specifics.
If ONLY THE FIGHTER can have that skill more times than anyone else... what is the point of Homebrew then if it will be limited by not having nothing that the Book classes has? You even are saying that is optional... I don't see the point.
And never assume there are no Minmaxes, Those guys are worse than the flu when it comes at being everywhere.
I think what is being said is develop a mechanic that doesn't just steal from fighter. My two cents is that Ready action can be done as a bonus action is crazy. It's basically an attack. "I'm going to ready action to attack after I attack a creature". I think the rest is fine, but you're messing with the action economy in a not so good way with this feature. I think you've nerfed it pretty well, although Eagle is still a pip squeak compared to others. I'd try to bring them to Eagle (not buff eagle) since this is a strong class on its own. BigShotFancyMan (talk) 10:16, 6 July 2017 (MDT)
Thanks for the input, I didn't catch that the Ready feature could be done as a bonus action. I will also look at nerfing the other archetypes besides eagle a bit more as well to get them more in line with eagles power level.--Blobby383b (talk) 15:06, 6 July 2017 (MDT)

So, barbarian.[edit]

Basically, if all the best parts of barbarian and fighter got together, with just a hint of a rogue.

the way of the bear is brain numbingly overpowered, at level 13, supposing you had no con modifier, you could deal a potential 8d8 damage die, this. using an average of four for the dice would result in a 40+str mod(5/6)+Rage damage(3)+weapon die(1d8, 4.) for an average of 53 damage, times three because primal fighter stole the fighter's extra attack. equaling roughly 153 damage, and that's without a single use of a class ability. and you built this class the worst way possible. and that's not including the large weapons you'd get to use from the size increase at level 8.

its stupidly powerful for multi-classing too. the way of the wolf would be so good for a monk it nearly is a requirement. and you get rage on top of it, just my god.

the way of the dragon is hardly better. still peaking into Overpowered, territory though not as gross of an offender as the bear. about on par with the wolf when not mixed with a monk.

and then there's fucking eagle, why would anyone take this archetype when the others are there?

and those are just the archetypes, did you notice that of the five ability score increases you get, ONLY ONE of them is alone. the rest are paired with other class features. sure endurable ain't crazy, but many of the other features are very good, good enough for their own level. and the ability score increases arent alone in that. at level five, where you get multiattack you also get action surge for some reason, which is a solo feature from fighter. at level seven you get remarkable athlete and evasion!

as it stands this class is worth two other martial classes. and needs a serious nerf.

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