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I have read the text and think its an interesting idea, but maybe its just me but it sound very much like a permanent buff which I think is more over in a spell or enchantment rather then a potion.
If we disregard my personal opinion for a sec and look at it. It is a bit too vague in its effect other then it either kills you or you master it.
May I suggest that the drinker should make a spot or concentration check to notice the effect and every time they fail the DC drops with one? and that it doesn't kill the drinker but debuffs the drinker until they master it? maybe a set time to the potion wears off and the drinker has to master it in that period before the debuffs become permanent?

The damage is understandable hard to quantify, but some guidelines could be favorable. Just saying. Her is my suggestions to guidelines:

Damage / lifting cap. Emotion level Emotional example
1d4 / 1 lb. low emotions like when your disappointed over that the shop have run out of your favorite soda.
1d6 / 15 lb. middle emotions like when you are treated unfair by others.
1d10 / 100 lb. high emotions like when your dumped by the girl/boy you really love.
1d12 / 450 lb. dangerous emotions when some one you really love dies.

Damage and lift cap. scaling is of course up for adjustment depending on what your original idea was.

Also what if the drinker wants to make himself angry to gain the effect of the potion. Would this be a concentration check or a standard action where the character drives him self mad with an emotion?(barbarians rage ability???).
If the drinker is a raging berserker then they obviously becomes angry during fights, but if the drinker is a int based char or a character that keeps his head cool in a fight? I know it says all emotions trigger the potion so what colors do different emotions have? And wouldn't it be more interesting if different emotions gave different effect? (reason for lifting cap. in table above)
Anger and hatred of course deals damage, but would love and care heal? fear or terror would give movement buff or invisibility? envy or longing would move things? depression or feelings of hopelessness would debuff or make illusions?
I am just throwing ideas and suggestions at you atm. so bear with me :)

Hope my suggestions have helped --ElvenKingSlave · Weapons Summoner · Talk 06:40, 28 November 2011 (MST)

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