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Scales.png This page is of questionable balance. Reason: This may no longer conform to the Musicus Meter. See the recent transcription. In addition, after the completion of the transcription, the expansion of the meter (that will include specific scores for specific feats) will definitely change the scores given here.

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Musicus Scores:

  • Dwarf: 2.5-6.5 base, 3.5-8 including subrace (Median 5.75)
  • Hill Dwarf: +1.5
  • Mountain Dwarf: +1
  • Elf: 2.5-6.5 base, 4-8.5 including subrace (Median 6.25)
  • High Elf: +1.5
  • Wood Elf: +1.5
  • Drow: +2
  • Hafling: 2.5-4.5 base, 3-5 including subrace (Median 4)
  • Lightfoot Halfling: +0.5
  • Stout Halfling: +0.5
  • Human (included for comparison): 2.5-6.5 (Median 4.5)
  • Dragonborn: 5-7 (Median 6)
  • Gnome: 3.5-5.5 base, 4-6.5 including subrace (Median 5.25)
  • Forest Gnome: +1
  • Rock Gnome: +0.5
  • Half-Elf: 5.5-7.5 (Median 6.5)
  • Half-Orc: 6-8 (Median 7)
  • Tiefling: 5.5-7.5 (Median 6.5)

Bumped up Musicus' score for Savage Attacks from 0.5 to 1, and bumped up Musicus' score for breath weapon from 1 to 1.5 to accommodate their changes. Other than that, used scores from Musicus' race breakdown. Feel free to check my math, I suck at it.

I'm not sure what number target I should be shooting for, considering the "vanilla" races I'm making variants of go above 6 on Musicus's Meter. I tried my best to get their median scores as close to the 4-6 range as possible, without re-balancing the races.

BTW, how's the formatting? My first page, still figuring it out. I decided to lump these pages together so I don't have to copy/paste the same paragraphs at the top of each, but that made it hard to categorize. 11:17, 9 December 2016 (MST)

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