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These features REPLACE the original features of the common elf traits, correct, because then if they can trance that needs to be added and otherwise it looks neat :). If these features are in addition to elves common racial traits, well then I get the feeling that this is slightly overpowered, looking at a Drow as reference. Yes they also have the Drow Magic feature, yet their capabilities are outweighed by a flaw Sunlight Sensitivity. I reckon this could gain a flaw as well to outweigh their superior abilities. Yet limiting the Proficiencies with weapons and decreasing it to one skill could also work, or getting rid of the poison resistance. Proficiencies are really worthwhile in 5e, even more so than ability modifiers at times. Otherwise they could even have Sunlight Sensitivity like drows, as they are used to the dark of night and nocturnal, they could have disadvantage on certain checks interacting with certain races, only be able to trance/long rest while the sun is up.

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