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Design Notes[edit]

This Monk variant has a number of goals:

Keep the Monk Table the same[edit]

This is a self-imposed constraint to promote creativity.

Keep the Standard Level 1 Class Features the same[edit]

Again, as above. Not 100% achieved: needed to stick a CHR based skill in there to support the CHR Monks.

How to Tank without HP[edit]

So with only a d8 Hit dice, we tank with our concentration checks.
Martial Grit is designed with the trope of the the battered monk continuing the fight from force of will.

Able to build out all the Vanilla Monk features within the system[edit]

As above: trying to improve the Monk through options rather than straight boosts.
The Monk Options from Tasha's CoE are all available with the option to be selected instead of other vanilla options or as additional features.
Some of the Vanilla Features receive their own tweaks, so it is not 100%.

No changes to existing Sub Classes[edit]

All subclasses now offer their features up as options to be selected.
By providing decent alternative features at these levels there will be no "dead levels" for any sub-class.
This constraint was chosen to limit the scope, but also keep everything scaled the same.
Most sub-classes get a significant boost by virtue of the ki changes.

Mental Stat Agnostic[edit]

The Monk will still be MAD, but when you get to choose the Mental Stat, it hurts less.

Strength/Dexterity Agnostic[edit]

The STR Monk needs to be supported and the DEX monk needs to be competent at the generic combat maneuvers and jumping.

Armor/Shield/Unarmored Agnostic[edit]

Being able to wear up to medium armor and/or have a shield gives the play a lot more design flexibility.
Armor and shield is also available without having to multi-class or select specific races.
This is a requirement to support the STR/DEX agnostic monk.
Because Armor and Shield are decoupled you can have an Unarmored and Shield wielding Monk, or a Armored Monk without a Shield. Having monk armor and shield tied to the feature means that you can't bring in proficiencies from outside the class and have a character able to do-it-all with defences.

Unarmed vs. Weapon Magic Items[edit]

Additional Dedicated weapon sub-feature fixes the problems monks have with access to magic weapons.

Allowing Martial Arts Bonus Attack and Flurry of Blows to work with Monk Weapons (albeit with scaled down damage).

Eldritch Invocation like Flexibility for Class features.[edit]

The Monastic Traditions and Monastic Ways give the player a similar ability to customise their character, but with both main features and ribbon abilities.

More interesting Ki Economy[edit]

So with no changes to the Ki Pool (from the Table) we get effectively 3 types of Ki, all of which have precedents within the game (i.e. Hit Points).
The first is just the vanilla Ki with the same rules as always.
The second is temporary Ki. Good for each combat and the main boost to the Ki Economy.
The third is Burning Ki (like reducing your max hit-points). Effectively a nerf for high cost Ki Features it hopefuly adds an interesting element to the decision tree.

Supporting this is Ki Recycle so the player does not agonize over spending ki on low chance effects.
Additionally Ki Recovery means that the 1hr short rest is no longer a constraint.
Although Ki Recovery lowers the floor on getting your expended ki back, it also lowers the ceiling (limited number of brief rests per long rest).

There is still a possibility of a ki death-spiral with profligate ki use.
Ki no longer just scales linearly. Ki Flux gives you a boost to: higher level ki features you can access without having to burn ki; additional temporary Ki per combat; and more briefs rests available per long rest.

Very efficient Action Economy[edit]

Having a Bonus Action attack (or 2 with FoB) available without restriction means that your BA is almost always used.
The ability to convert your Reaction into a temporary ki point before the start of your turn means that your Reaction is also always used.

Increase the "Surface Area" of the class[edit]

The ability to engage with all the default components of the game that are not normally used or expanded on with the standard Monk:

  • Attacks of Opportunity

Counterstrike & Ki Reaction

  • Concentration

Fighting Stance

  • Hit Dice recovery


  • Combat Maneuvers

Martial Arts (DEX Grappling/Shoving) Flowing Stance

  • Death Saves

Martial Grit

  • Exhaustion

Timeless Body


Ability to focus (and shift focus) on: Tank/Striker/Crowd Control/Mobility

Boost to Tank:

  • Armor & Shield or Elusive (+2)
  • Defensive Stance
  • 1/2 Diamond Soul at 7th level
  • Bonus Action attack decoupled from your Action (Dodge and hit once with d4 dmg)

Boost to Crowd Control:

  • STR Agnostic and Grapple/Shove with DEX
  • Flowing Stance (Adv and bigger targets)

Boost to Striker:

  • Offensive Stance
  • Option to have STR to any monk missile weapon
  • Bonus Action attack decoupled from your Action

Boost to Mobility:

  • Mobility Stance
  • DEX based jump calc + round up


Most features have been given boosts or left unchanged.
A few features have been given nerfs:

  • Stunning strike -> Devastating Strike
  • High Ki Cost Features: Ki Burn


I have noted changes inspired or directly lifted from other sources with superscripts.

  • XTMT: Treantmonks's Temple
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