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is this supposed to take an action, bonus action, or is it just passive? it says "you may" so i assume it must cost something and not simply be a passive heal.

This is Paul, the creator of the feat. I’m new to this site, so correct me if this isn’t how you’re supposed to reply to things. This is a passive heal, I thought it was balanced because the passive healing received required you to have absolutely no negative status effects and it essentially has a 25% chance to not heal you at all. The 1d4 bonus to healing also requires you to be free from negative status effects. I’ll change the wording.

It's not balanced, sorry. Even if it were 1 hit point every minute, limitless passive regeneration is not used in D&D 5e. It breaks the "hit point economy," as anyone can simply take 20 and heal to full outside of battle. Varkarrus (talk) 11:10, 11 December 2018

I wouldn’t call it limitless, but I guess it would need work. I didn’t think of the feat outside of combat. I was thinking the fact you had to have no negative side effects and took - 1 off the roll made it fair. Do you have any suggestions?

The way I'd do it is give it a limited pool of hit points you can draw from, somewhere in the vicinity of 2 points per character level (which'd make it comparable to the Tough racial feature which is +2 max hit points per character level). That's how I made a race with regenerative capabilities. I'd also advise against making the rate of regeneration based off of a roll, just to minimize the number of dice you need to roll each turn. Varkarrus (talk) 16:26, 11 December 2018 (MST)
Alternatively, making it also give a bonus to how much hit points you heal during a short rest might be good. I.E, +3 hit points per hit die rolled when making a short rest. That'd fit in line with the name of the feat. Varkarrus (talk) 16:28, 11 December 2018 (MST)

I’ve redone the feat, incorporating your suggestions. Honestly, I think it’s much better now. I made it similar to lay on hands, though you can’t apply it to other players.

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