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This is a race I made since there was no race I could find that dealt with rituals specifically. I found it very difficult to balance this race, as most races revolve around combat and this is all non combat utility. Any suggestions or critiques about balance or changes would be great!

Also I have no idea how Trigger: {{{trigger}}} worked its way into the racial power, if anyone knows how to remove that it would be appreciated.

Hello Sir Moldy, Rituals are very powerful. giving them the level one rituals for free is plenty good with the +4 being incredibly powerful. Although the daily is very cool it can alter game play far too much as they could easily revive and perform otherwise strenuous rituals with ease.
Personally I would reduce the +4 to a +2, give them only the level one rituals, and change the power to one that allows them to take one of two rolls when performing a ritual as a daily (maybe encounter) --Aitharious (talk) 22:13, 10 August 2016 (MDT)
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