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I fail to see how the feat is overpowered. The increase in damage die is in the rules of the DMG on page 278

Big monsters typically wield oversized weapons that deal extra dice of damage on a hit. Double the weapon dice if the creature is Large, triple the weapon dice if the creature is Huge, quadruple the weapon dice if it's Gargantuan.

A creature has disadvantage on attack rolls with a weapon that is sized for a larger attacker. You can rule that a weapon sized for an attacker two or more sizes larger is too big for the creature to use at all.

The feat, in essence, is just to eliminate the disadvantage for using the weapon. The only reason the feat has to include the rule about dice, is because the feats are supposed to be complete rules, and should not require cross referencing any additional books.

Where does it say that a player can use a Large-sized weapon with disadvantage? Marasmusine (talk) 16:09, 1 September 2017 (MDT)

PCs are considered creatures, both in the PHB and the DMG. Since the DMG says that creatures have disadvantage if using the wrong size weapon, then that applies to all creatures. If it doesn't, that gives the DM a different set of rules than everyone else, which becomes a balance issue in and of itself.

Okay, I see it now, in the paragraph underneath. I always read that as being for monsters rather than players, since it's in the middle of the "creating a monster" chapter, and not somewhere obvious like, say, the weapons available for players, or even the "running the game" chapter. It's also an incomplete rule for players, because many weapon properties don't make sense when you scale a weapon up (e.g .a light weapon should no longer be light) - whereas this doesn't matter when design a monster since you are deciding the numbers anyway.
So if we do have this feat: 1) the extra damage is too great as-is. It makes this feat a no-brainer for a warrior class. Taking away a bonus action isn't enough. Maybe only allowing one attack on your turn (like a crossbow) could be a fix. 2) you need to explain how the weapon properties are adjusted. Marasmusine (talk) 12:18, 2 September 2017 (MDT)

After talking with a couple of different DMs, i'm not going to be re-balancing this feat. The cons of taking it once it's balanced would take away all of the appeal. Later, I will be remaking this into an epic boon. I will also be working on a feat called One Armed Master. It'll be a more balanced feat that'll have a similar purpose to this feat, meaning offering unusual uses of weapons. If anyone has any ideas with this one, feel free to edit as you see fit.

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