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Ok, I've overhauled the entire class to remove the alignment-based uniqueness from the class since I got more than a few negative feedbacks about how the complexity and the level of difficulty for understanding all of it would deter anyone from giving it a try.

This said, however, I am still retaining the manner of which it exists as a spellcaster and the new damage types. That, at least, should be easily interpretable and interchangeable with other damage types in case the DM doesn't wish to deal with new damage types for one specific character class. That should leave some of the uniqueness in tact for those who actually did take an interest in it (this is assuming anyone's actually already read through the class).

For anyone who did like the alignment-based (again, assuming anyone's actually read through it), I will be giving it a second attempt later on, but, for now, I will focus on finishing this one up first.

Light and Darkness Damage

Light and Darkness are not officially energy types in 3.5 Edition of D&D (that I know of). They are, however, official descriptors of spells, most notably Light and Darkness. This class takes that descriptor a bit farther and introduces damage based on the "Light" and "Darkness" descriptors. For integration purposes, it is assumed that all creatures have a x1.0 modifier to damage dealt by abilities with the "Light" or "Darkness" descriptor. AKA, no immunities, resistances, or vulnerabilities. The Light and Darkness damages are considered an energy type and, therefore, are magical for the purposes of resisting the damage dealt. It is completely up to DM discretion whether something has any abilities or effects that change the way damage is dealt with either the "Light" or "Darkness" descriptors, as well as the effects that the Kryael places upon those creatures.(I.E. if a creature, such as the Tome of Magic's Shadow Elemental, had an immunity to Darkness "damage", the DM may decide whether to balance out the vulnerability with the immunity and make it x1.0 damage, turn the immunity into 50% resistance (x0.5 damage), or leave the immunity unaltered.) I do not have it designated in the class's information what happens in such a situation.

I am currently reworking/replacing some of the abilities that were based on alignment and also have no Attunements, as of yet. I will work on getting these things resolved as quickly as possible.

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