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  • The Detect Disturbance stun needs to go. It's unclear, and is going to cause problems if actually used in-game. The sense itself is fine, just not the stun.
  • At first level, you are weaker than a Warrior, an NPC class. You run around with a two handed simple weapon, with no bonus to attack, and no special maneuvers or anything. In short, at first level, you're pretty much worthless. That needs fixed.
  • The chart says Cosmic Grace, the text says Forceful Grace.
  • Energy Manipulation assumes the ability has a DC. It may not. It also is usable vs Fireballs, but not a red dragon's breath. That seems weird. You also should clarify that the monk doesn't get a save as normal. What if the monk has fire resistance - does he still take "full damage" ? Once per day is also far, far too few times to be useful.
  • Evasion is not a feat. Say "Gains the evasion ability".
  • Intuitive Attack at level 5 is poor design. It means a monk who starts at level 1, and a monk who starts at level 5 are wanting totally different stats. Just give them wis to hit at level 1 and be done with it. That means a monk who is suddenly made at level 10 will be stronger then one who's leveled from 1-10, unless that leveled one has to go through several levels of crippling weakness. Ditto with Healer's Knowledge, really.
  • Meditation - what counts as a "party member" ? 2 years is also way too long. In a normal game, this ability may as well not exist. Make it require a ritual (that takes, say, 30 minutes) and has a number on how many people he can be connected to at one time.
  • Cosmic Resilience ought to just be 11+character level. The wis mod thing may end up too strong... or way too weak. It doesn't scale the same was as caster levels, so is wacky.
  • For all the monk reflexes abilities, you should just reword them to "His dodge bonus to AC from X increases to +Y". Much clearer and less likely for mistakes to be made.

Overall, the class is too weak. There's absolutely no reason to use unarmed attacks at any point, when a simple morningstar is better. The class abilities are too weak and too far between. There is no offensive punch to the class, the skill bonuses are relatively small, and the only thing it has going for it is a huge AC, due to having mithril chain + dex + wis + reflexes + a shield all added together. There really needs to be more interesting class features that make the class fun to play - what do you do in combat, what do you do against enemies, etc. And if this is a melee class without sneak attack or something similar, it needs full BAB. Dragon Child 14:29, 4 June 2009 (MDT)

Could this be the legendary...[edit]

Cheddar Monk class? Must... resist... urge to add... Summon Bigger Fish... --Ghostwheel 06:50, 25 July 2009 (MDT)

No, this is not the cheddar monk. But I do like darths and droids. Lol.
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