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Couple of balance issues with the class:[edit]

-Is spread disease ok balance wise or should it be changed to straight damage or something else?

-Should insomniac reduce time need for long rest or increase the number of days needed before a long rest?

-Is great offering/enraged offering balanced in terms of all the sub-class traits?

-Is septic blood too powerful a trait, or is it balanced by the current insomniac?

-Are victim/host characteristics balanced in their respective sub-class, (fyi host is worse because their subrace as a whole is stronger)?

Other issues: Are there too many powerful traits, or do the neutral/negative traits balance it out? -6/21/2017

Traits that have been fixed:[edit]

-Spread disease re-written, a bit powerful by can resolved by lowing dc

-Insomniac is ok as it is now, reducing a long rest time might be too powerful

-great offering/enrages seems ok

-Septic blood is fine, it is not too powerful

-Victim/Host Characteristics better balanced, host is a little less powerful, but then again you don't look like a corpse.

-Acidic Seepage was removed.

-Septic Blood and acidic bile re-written.

-Forged Signature changed entirely

-Languages removed deep speech, their is no indication that the race is psychic in any way

-2nd version of great offering/enrage removed for balancing reasons

-Removed useless ability that made you frighten enemies within 5ft of you, but made you unable to do anything for 4 additional rounds

-Other Traits re-balanced to not be overpowered

-Bit of depth added to flaws, history, and psychical description

Last few issues:[edit]


Overall race is in a much more balanced place, bring up anything you believe needs work above and with a few more tweak, I will balance it out.

--Blobby383b (talk) 14:32, 22 June 2017 (MDT)

Attempt at finally balancing the class after several days of reworking:

Marasmusine's Meter race balance (4.5 total)

Race (2)

1 for forged signature

1 for dark vision

Imbued Corpse (Subrace) (2.5)

1 for great offering

0.5 for Host Unfamiliarity

1 for acidic bile

Enslaved Corpse (Subrace) (2.5)

1 for Enraged Offering

1 for Septic Blood

0.5 for Vitim characteristics (immunity to disease)

Host Unfamiliarity may be 0, if the negative part of it is considered to be worth 1 point instead of 0.5.

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