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So me and my DM created this class for my because I liked the premise of it. I am having trouble with making the generated table for spell slots and such so I just added a picture of the table from my document into the end of the page. If anyone wants to help fix that table, your welcome too. It is mostly complete once I get the list of Martial weapons for the Hellraised added into the sheet. Thanks!

fiendish isn't a language, infernal is though Balanced (talk) 22:06, 14 December 2017 (MST)

Fixes to the Hellish Mark, and help with it[edit]

New to editing this part of the page. The current way that Hellish Mark is set up, there is no genuine gift for picking the marks, which I am going to change. The only thing is, I'd rather not do that entirely if someone has an idea that may make things interesting like for mark of minion, having it so you summon the demon onto your side, but some of these have no gamplay mechanics like Unqueched Blade, which is why I put these here. If you have an idea to implement them, please tell me Mark of the Minion Lesser: Imp/Quasit, Improved Mark: Spined Devil/Nothic Greater Mark: Bearded Devil/Shadow Demon

Mark of Prediction Lesser: Detect Thoughts Improved Mark: Clairvoyance Greater Mark: Scrying

Mark of Hellish Nightmares Lesser: Arms of Hadar Improved Mark: Hunger of Hadar Greater Mark: Evards Black Tenticles

Mark of Unquenching Blade Lesser: Unquenched Blade Improved Mark: Hungering Blade Greater Mark: Devouring Blade

Mark of Harm Lesser: Inflict Wounds Improved Mark: Vampiric Touch Greater Mark: Contagion

Mark of Charm Lesser: Charm Person Improved Mark: Suggestion Greater Mark: Dominate Person

Mark of Egress Lesser: Expeditious Retreat Improved Mark: Phantom Steed Greater Mark: Teleportation Circle

Mark of Influence Lesser: Command Improved Mark: Compulsion Greater Mark: Modify Memory

Mark of Wrath Lesser: Witch Bolt Improved Mark: Call Lightning Greater Mark: Cloud Killcle

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