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A few questions:

1. Can you target an area already occupied by a creature to cause the glyph to trigger instantly?

2. The glyph is hidden from normal sight, what sight can see the glyph? Tremorsense? Blindsense? See Invisibility? There needs to be a designation as to how this glyph can be found, otherwise it's highly interpretative.

3. For clarification, suggest a wording change of:

".. must succeed in a Strength saving throw versus your Spell Save DC or become stunned for 1 round." changed to: "must succeed on a Strength saving throw or become stunned until the end of its next turn."

This would then follow the 5e terminology more accurately.

4. This cantrip is -incredibly- powerful. It can stun a creature, and consistently deals damage. 5e cantrips are hit/miss, if you succeed on your attack roll or the target fails the save you deal the damage, otherwise the target avoids the damage entirely. This cantrip not only consistently deals the damage, without a save or attack roll, but also has a chance to stun the target, can affect multiple targets, and has incremental damage of the least-resisted damage type in the game. This abjuration cantrip is arguably several times more powerful than every other cantrip in the game, due to the repeating chance of stunning. Ideally, it shouldn't do all of these things, and since Stunned as a condition is very rare to deal in general, I would suggest removing the multiple triggers, and have the damage only apply on a failed save as well. It would even be debatable whether or not it should have damage scaling, due to the stun trigger.

--Kahz (talk) 05:56, 8 October 2016 (MDT)

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