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First off, I'd like to say that I really like this concept, it's something that I would enjoy using with a Warlock or a Arcane Trickster. That said, there are some concerns. First off, making the unarmed strike damage jump from 1 to 1d8 is a bit much, it's not crazy but maybe a bit too high. A 1d6 would probably fit better, and you wouldn't encroach on the monk's territory too much with this magic item.

Second is the, we'll call it Arcane Strike, ability that is added onto the item if used by spellcasters with spell slots. I get what you were going for, and it is a neat idea, but the ability is a little too much like the Paladin's Divine Smite ability. However, Divine Smite caps at 5d8, or 6d8 against certain enemies. This ability doesn't have that and can be used by full-casters, meaning that they could have a single punch dealing 10d8+STR Modifier in damage. Now, add to this that it is Force that this ability deals, and it is fairly powerful. (Force damage being able to affect incorporeal beings without issue and almost nothing having resistance to it.) And again, an uncommon level item having this kind of power seems a bit much. My proposal is the reduce the damage to a d4 or maybe d6 (as the Flametongue enchantment gives a longsword 2d6 fire damage) and cap it either to only 1st level spell slots, or 5d6 damage. (Reason I give it similar cap to Smite is because a 1st level smite does 2d8 and this gives a single dice added onto your unarmed.) ~SilentPC 9:28 AM CST

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