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Perhaps the Fist Master can follow the unarmed damage progression on the Monk. Its damage increasing every fourth level. But since 4e goes up to level 30 maybe the damage can increase every 3rd level. For instance, level 1 fist master of medium size does 1d6. Then at level 3 it does 1d8, so on and so forth. Sound good?

Well let's see what they're missing by not being able to use magic weapons: 1) Enchantment bonus to attack rolls and 2) damage rolls, 3) critical hit bonus, 4) interesting property and/or 5) a Power, 6) feat customization. Incrementing the dice size every 3 levels doesn't simulate that well.
By comparison, the monk unarmed strike is a +3 proficiency weapon that causes 1d8 damage (and I encourage you to look at how it's worded too) but benefits from their ki focus. Hope that helps. Marasmusine 21:38, 14 April 2012 (MDT)
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