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I created this spell for a Mammalian Dragon named Aaron. It was in a special campaign we designed for a medium sized race of dragons. He was one of the Knights charged with the care of The Gate Networks leading to their home plane, among other places. He was a Cosmic Descryer, obviously, but also had levels in classes like Eldritch Knight, Union Sentinel, etc. Typically these Knights have a lot of magic dealing with portals, etc. They also have magic that enhanced their breath weapons. Typically they take some dragon feats, etc.

Anyway, the spell was designed to be almost unstoppable. Short of another Knight Counterspelling the Final Gate when used, it’s practically impossible to stop when wielded well. It’s capable of destroying planets, killing almost any god, even wiping out whole universes, etc. So with that understanding, please refrain from any major edits without talking to me, the Author/Creator, and discussing it with the community here, on this talk page. Minor edits, for grammar, etc. is ok, but please preserve the spirit and intent of the spell.

--Mana Twilight (talk) 17:46, 3 June 2018 (MDT)

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