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I hope you like this if not let me know, it would be cool to see my sword being use by youtubers like the yogscast or critical role or someother people if so then tell me because i want to watch and see you guys use it.

  • What type of damage does the sword deal based on "side"? Radiant? Necrotic?
  • If the sword is a longsword, it should keep the versatile property. If it does, when does it deal 1d12 slashing damage? When wielded in one hand?
  • When the sword deals 2d20 damage (also, no other effect deals d20 damage, not even the tarrasque), what type of damage does it deal and to what targets? Two exhaustion should be two levels of exhaustion. Also, what of the sword can't be used again until a day has passed? Just the special attack or the entire sword?
  • Please include a source for the image. SirSprinkles (talk) 22:10, 18 January 2017 (MST)

This is the first thing i have made on here so it still need some work and thanks for the help for what i need to add. if you want to change it a bit, then go a head. Is it pretty good now, or doe it still need more stuff/get rid of/change Zerowolf989

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