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Hey, noticed you deleting the stuff. I'm sorry if it was stepping on things you had planned. Would you like to discuss the changes?


Fixed a lot of the wording and phrasing to put it in-line with published content. Hope that was ok. A brief rundown: removed capitalization from words which shouldn't have been capitalized, added flavor text to foci and other features, changed how levels were phrased (e.g. "level 5" to "5th level"), rearranged spellcasting so that its sections matched published content (used ranger as basis for number of spells known, kept cantrips).

The mechanical changes are as follows: rephrased kindle bonus to prevent it from increasing quadratically (15 at 5th level, 55 at 10th level, 120 at 15th, 210 at 20th). Made the hp loss match the kindle bonus rather than total level. Limited the number of uses of Fiery Verdict. Rewrote Flames from Within. Rewrote Ashen Soul to make it similar to the fire elemental's abilities. Simplified Lingering Flame using existing rules and limited it in use. Added the ability to learn fire bolt with Flame of the King. Rewrote Acute Bomb to increase its utility (probability of failure balances out unlimited use). Switched Carthus Flame Arc and Combustion as they fit better thematically there. Controlled Flames is now more like Evasion. Life in the Flames is now more like dwarf/sorcerer hp increasing features. Chaos Flame increased in use as it wasn't a huge boost to damage, and wording was changed to make it more clear.

Update: Buffed Chaos Storm (still slightly weaker than it was originally), added a few more miscellaneous corrections. Changed multiclassing rules to match ranger/paladin. Actually remembered to add my signature to this section of the page.

Onvionmo (talk) 19:20, 10 May 2018 (MDT)

I'm also of the opinion that the class's hit dice should be changed from d10s to d8s (or even d6s) so that there's a stronger emphasis on the health-versus-damage mechanic. Thoughts? Onvionmo (talk) 21:41, 11 May 2018 (MDT)

Overhaul v2: Some new minor fixes. Added a Quick Build paragraph. The Hermit background seemed most appropriate based on the flavor paragraph (which has gone mostly unedited, for better or worse), which implied travel and some amount of studying. Doesn't synergize perfectly with flavor, but it's about as good as one could hope for.

The multiclassing rules more closely resemble the format of the sidebar in the new artificer UA, and spellcasting/cantrip features were separated and moved to accomodate how slots are determined.

Ability requirements for multiclassing are now ranged-/finesse-friendly (to match the fighting styles offered).

Fiery Verdict damage changed to twice spell level, as damage will be low enough and ability is strong enough that it can afford to have a higher tradeoff. Supreme Flame gets a minor buff. Keeper of the Flame clarified, part of Flame of the King folded into it to suit. Flame of the King clarified. Combustion changed to bonus action to allow synergy with spellcasting/attacking. --Onvionmo (talk) 06:19, 17 July 2019 (MDT)

Ashen Soul[edit]

The note in the edit page got cut off. Ashen Soul damage was set to 1d6 by this page's creator. I left it alone when I made the class overhaul. 1d6 is probably too low for a capstone feature, but this is an ability that is always active, and 4d6 is too high, in my opinion. Compare to the Oath of Devotion capstone, which does 10 damage to enemies in a 30-foot aura. Meanwhile, the Storm Herald barbarian that chooses Desert can use its bonus action to deal fire damage to all creatures within 10 feet of it, a feature that improves over time to 6 damage at 20th level. As once-per-round areas of effect, these features don't completely translate to an ability that activates when attacked, but they're a close analogue. 2d6 more closely translates to the Storm Herald, which can expect to be using that ability in every combat, and 3d6 more closely translates to Oath of Devotion, which uses it in only one combat per day. I chose 2d6. Obviously, as homebrew, a DM can tweak it to their liking, and if 2d6 still seems too low, they can change it for their group, which is a bit of a cop-out, I know. But I'm leaving it at 2d6, and if you still think it should be different, feel free to talk about it in here. --Onvionmo (talk) 18:58, 18 October 2018 (MDT)

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