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There are a few spelling errors that need touching up, some missing letters.

The damage is in line with other paladin smites, however the secondary radius damage is far too strong when combined with a 1 potential 1 minute stun. Stunned as a condition is immensely powerful, and would really warrant dropping the additional damage and even lowering the base damage by 1 die as well.

The balancing spell of similar level is Blinding Smite, which deals 3d8 radiant, is restricted to melee weapon attacks (energizing smite is not at current), and only applies the blinded condition. The 4th-level Staggering Smite is 4d6 psychic, and disadvantage on attacks/abilities, and neg reactions for 1 round. Which is less powerful than this spell in its current incarnation.

If the target were only stunned until the end of its next turn, it's still an immensely powerful and useful spell. Suggest weighing up which of the two secondary effects should be kept (area damage or stun), as the two together are simply too strong. Once done, if decided on keeping the stun, weighing the duration of the stun is important. If kept at a possible 1 minute, consider reducing the base damage (and possibly give the stunned creature an additional save if attacked while stunned) since stun causes the target to be unable to move or take actions and reactions, auto fail Strength/Dexterity saves, and all attack rolls against it have advantage. This is what makes stun so powerful, it can automatically remove even powerful creatures from a fight in its entirety.

As is, by very large margins this spell is the best smite in the entire game.--Kahz (talk) 01:48, 10 October 2016 (MDT)

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