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This spell was carefully crafted by me, many years ago, for my character, a bronze dragon named Dalila. She saw quite a bit of use; starting out as a young adult, at a character level of 1. She spent a great deal of time disguised as an elf in Faerun, rarely assuming her dragon form, so having powerful spell options was a necessity. She eventually became a great wyrm, with 31 class levels. We retired her shortly after she became a quasi deity, via the Dragon Ascendant Class. She was very optimized, so she could easily kill lesser deities by the time we finally ended that campaign. Even though she ended up having many epic spells, this was her primary signature spell.

The spell was designed to mimic a much better, but usable, multi sword version of the Black Blade of Disaster (Spell Compendium, p.29) spell. It's control mechanism was derived from the Sunfire Orb epic spell, and was heavily edited/tested. So while minor edits are welcome; when necessary, try to refrain from major edits without disusing them with me, the original author, and the community at large, here on this spells talk page. Please preserve the original spirit and intent of the spell.

--Mana Twilight (talk) 06:26, 1 June 2018 (MDT)

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