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I get the attempt to make a healing cantrip with a gimmick. But this is a tad convoluted. Also 10 guaranteed damage from a single failed save as a bonus action cantrip? What I see is that you tap someone with the spell component (target makes a Con save). Then they receive 1 point of ??? damage per round (start/end of their turn, the caster's not really sure) for one minute (no save?) or until death, whichever is sooner. Then through some means that isn't made clear when the previously stated conditions are met, a mushroom pop's out of the target and is immediately "absorbed" (regardless of distance or condition?) by the caster as magical healing energy. The caster now sits on X magical energy for an indeterminate amount of time (X = damage dealt, not bad). The caster may then hand out stored energy as healing as an action with range of touch, which can be resisted (odd for 5e, I do remember that being a 3.x thing though). That should about cover that atm. As for the "At higher character levels" footnote, things get just as odd. It progresses at levels at levels 6th, 10th, 14th, and 18th. Instead of the the staple cantrip progression of 5th, 11th, and 17th. And finally, the end section says "This Spell cannot grant temporary health until your Spellcaster Level is 10th or above." confusing me as to whether or not this spell should grant Temporary hit points, or actual healing. IF it is to remain a cantrip, then it should only provide temporary hit points as to prevent the use of this cantrip with a bag of small animals to constantly keep the party topped off.

Overall, the idea is very neat and I think it has great potential as some sort of "nature's will" spell. I recommend that the damage type it deals becomes either Necrotic or Poison and that this produce an actual item (magic mushroom) that last's for somewhere between an hour to 8 hours. As for the THP lasting as long or shorter. The casting time of this spell should become an action, The magic shroom growing at the end of the spell duration, or the target dying makes sense, maybe offer an option to either explode the shrooms for poison damage or eat them for health. Honestly though, this would make a fantastic Spell of 1st level or higher. Being able to pop off little health nodules is gross, but nifty. My bad if I digressed a smidge. --Gr7mm Bobb (talk) 14:08, 18 January 2017 (MST)

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