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Basic Ideas[edit]

Abyssal Strike, Agonizing Flames, Blind Fury, Fel Mastery, Fel Spikes, Razor spikes, Flame Crash, First blood, Bloodlet, Soul Rending, Fracture, Master of the Glaive,

Spirit Bomb, Soul Barrier, Blade turning, Concentrated Sigils, Fel Eruption, Quickened Sigils, Sigil of Misery, Feed the Demon, Demonic infusion, Cleansed by Flame, Tormemtor, Fel Blood, Fel Blood Mastery, Charred Warblades, Throw Glaive, Shear, Metamorphosis, Everlasting Hunt, Fallout,

Nemesis, Momentum, Chaos Cleave, Demonfire, Demon Bolt, Darkglare, Burning rush, DArk pact, Cataclysm, Fire and Brimstone, Firebolt, Shadow Bite, Mortal Coil, Conflagrate, Rain of Fire, Focused Chaos, Roaring Blaze, Incinerate, Drain life, Chaos Bolt, Immolate, Burning Hunger, Cry Havoc,

Contagion, Affliction, Malefic Grasp, Haunt, Howl of Terror, Agony, Corruption, Life Tap, Reap souls, Soul flame, Demon Bolt, Demonwrath, Shadowfury, Implosion, Legionwrath, Contagion, Affliction, Malefic Grasp, Haunt, Howl of Terror, Agony, Corruption, Life Tap, Reap souls, Soul flame,

Havoc, Fury, Vengeance

1. Teleporting for movement instead of shifting or charging
2. Polymorph instead of stances for utility
3. Ranged and melee attacks
4. Strange ongoing attacks

Striker Power levels[edit]

The Demon Hunter has both ranged and melee attacks, with similar abilities to the Sorcerer and Ranger. This simultaneously gives controller and striker like abilities. However, the damage is slightly less than either, as Sorcerer's can apply their ability modifier damage on every creature they hit (And Demon hunter's just one or two), and the Charisma modifier damage is slightly less (2-3) compared to the Ranger's Hunter's Quarry damage (D8, 4.5). This compensates in part for their utility; at higher levels, this does even less damage proportionately.

On average, the Demon Hunter does approximately 22 damage with Chaos Blade and slightly less with their other at-wills, while a Ranger does 23.5 damage, while a Sorcerer's damage varies based on how many targets they hit.

Polymorphs and Utility[edit]

Metamorphosis, Havoc, Fury, Vengeance, Infusion, Tormemtor, Fel Blood
Clash, conflict, scourge, flee,

-Chaos (Every creature constantly teleporting)
-First blood (When you score the highest initiative, gain a bonus)
-Soul Barrier
-Concentrated Sigils
-Quickened Sigils
-Dark pact
-Sigil of Misery

Encounters, Dailies, other[edit]


Abyssal Strike, Fel Mastery, Fel Spikes, Razor spikes, Flame Crash, Bloodlet, Soul Rending, Fracture

Spirit Bomb, Blade turning, Feed the Demon, Demonic infusion, Cleansed by Flame, Fel Blood Mastery, Charred Warblades, Shear, Fallout,

Demon Bolt, Darkglare, Cataclysm, Fire and Brimstone, Firebolt, Shadow Bite, Mortal Coil, Focused Chaos, Roaring Blaze, Incinerate, Chaos Bolt, Immolate,

Contagion, Affliction, Haunt, Howl of Terror, Agony, Corruption, Life Tap, Reap souls, Soul flame, Shadowfury, Implosion

Blind Fury, Fel Eruption, Burning rush,

Nemesis, Momentum, Agonizing Flames, Burning Hunger, Cry Havoc, Legionwrath, Everlasting Hunt, barrage, bloodshed, ravage, Lord of War, Obliteration, vanquish, eradication


barrage, bloodshed, carnage, clash, conflict, onslaught, ravage, skirmish, warlord, annihilation, blood bath, obliteration, extermination, slay, scourge, rebuke, flee, vanquish, bane, eradication, extermination, extinction, subjugation, subversion, crisis, ataxia,

Chosen thus far[edit]

Illidari Vengeance, Double Jump, Glide, Spectral Flight, Torment, Felsaber, Demon Bite, Demonic Presence, Shattered Souls, Slayer's Fel, broken Shrieker, Soul Cleave, Infernal Strike, Fiery Brand, Glyph of Tattered Wings, Glyph of Fel Wings, Glyph of Fallow Wings, Blood Fang, Mind shattering, Corruption, Mind Sear, Supremacy, Synergy,

Mind Flay, Voidform, Mindblast, Shadow Meld, Dispersion, Mind Spike

Voidform, Soulstone, Firestone,

Blood Fang, Soul Cleave, Infernal Strike, Fel Shrieker, Demon Bite, Felsaber, Torment, Glide, Double Jump, Mind Spike


Level 1: Chaos Bolt, Fire Bolt, Master of the Glaive, Fel Spikes
Level 3: Agonizing Flames, Demon Bolt, Demonwrath, Vindication
Level 7: Glaive Master, Drain life, Demon Talon, Shadowfury, Vengeance
Level 13: Abyssal Strike, Charred Warblades, Bloodlet, Immolate, Soul Cleave
Level 17: Soul Rending, Mortal Coil, Cleansing Flame, Soul Flame, Rebuke
Level 23: Onslaught, Chaos Focus, Life Tap, Fel Blood Mastery, Darkglare
Level 27: Carnage, Shear, Implosion, Soul Reaper, Affliction, Incinerate

Paragon path 11: Fracture

Darkglare, Shadowbite, Haunt, Reaping souls, Soul reaper*,


Level 1: Contagion, Demon Jaws, Howl of Terror, Demon Pyre
Level 5: Blind Fury, Burning Rush, Malefic Grasp, Fel Eruption
Level 9: Twisting Blades, Burning Hunger, Vanquish, Bloodshed
Level 15: Nemesis, Everlasting Hunt, Warlord, Eradication
Level 19: Infernal strike, fel saber, mind flay, blood fang
Level 25: Momentum, Legionwrath, Barrage, Ravage
Level 29: Obliteration, Cry Havoc, Shattered Souls, Mind Sear

Paragon path 20:


Level 2: Metamorphosis, Quickened Sigls, Dark pact, Fey Portal
Level 6: Fury, First Blood, Clash, Sigil of Misery, Soulstone
Level 10: Vengeance, Fel Glaive, Soul Barrier, Conflict, Flee
Level 16: Infusion, Chaos, Scourge, Synergy, Firestone
Level 22: Bane, Supremacy, Corruption, Fel Shrieker

Paragon path 12: Havoc,

Chaos, First Blood, Soul Barrier, Concentrated Sigils, Quickened Sigls, Dark pact, Sigil of Misery, Clash, conflict, scourge, flee

Hybrid Talent[edit]

You gain Chaos magic and Demon's Power as class features. However, Demon's power only applies on Demon Hunter attacks. You may choose a hybrid talent in order to get Two-weapon fighting, Demon's Blood, or Demon's Bane. However, you may choose the "Chaos Blades" at-will power as a part of your regular at-wills, even if you don't have Chaos Blades.

Demon's Blood

You can ignore light cover and all concealment penalties. Furthermore, you can see in complete darkness, gain darkvision, and gain a +5 bonus to perception rolls to finding hidden enemies or when opposing stealth checks, and as well can make a roll against an opposing creature's stealth skill to see invisible targets. You qualify as a demon creature for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.

Two-weapon fighting

You gain two-weapon defense as a bonus feat, even if you don't meet the prerequisites. In addition, you can use a one-handed melee weapon in your offhand, as if it were an offhand weapon.

Chaos Magic

Whenever you hit with an attack, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn. This effect can only apply once per round.

Demon's Power

When you successfully hit a target with an attack, you can add your Charisma modifier as extra damage to the damage roll. However, you can only apply this effect to one creature you hit per round; at level 11, you can apply this effect to two creatures. If you spend an action point to make an attack, you may add your charisma modifier damage to that attack as well, even if you have already used this power that turn. At level 11 the damage increases to your Charisma modifier +2, and at level 21 increases to your charisma modifier +4.

Demon's Bane

You gain the "Chaos Blade" at-will power, in addition to your two at-will powers at level 1.

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